makit and bakit stocking ornament

Makit & Bakit Ornaments

Doing our best to inspire you to create Christmas Ornaments and start a new holiday tradition with your family!  Here is another great ornament idea... Makit & Bakit Christmas Ornaments.  Ornament kits come with a Metal Frame and Baking Crystals.  All you need to do is place the baking crystals in the frames and bake.  Then attach ribbon, string, or twine and these are ready to hang on your tree!  Every year when you hang these ornaments your family will remember the Read more [...]
candy like bottle cap magnet

“Candy” Bottle Cap Magnets

Melt Makit & Bakit Crystals in Chrome Bottle Caps, Place in Clear Plastic Sleeve, Tie Ends with Ribbon, & Attach a 1" Adhesive Craft Magnet for perfect "Candy Like" Magnets!  Make a great Valentine's Day Craft!  Supplies Needed: Makit & Bakit Baking Crystals Chrome Bottle Caps (without liners) Clear Plastic Sleeves 1/4" Sheer Ribbon 1" Adhesive Craft Magnet Scissors Foil or Pie Tin Oven for melting crystals Directions for Making "Candy Like" Magnets 1)  Read more [...]