4th of July Pennant Flags made with Craft Foam. Secure Pennant Flags with Glue Dots. No drying time or cutting required for this craft!

4th of July Flag Pennants

Make this adorable 4th of July Flag Bunting with Craft Foam, Glue Dots, and Baker’s Cotton.  Pennant Flags are made with foam parallelograms!  Simply fold them over the baker’s cotton and press to secure.  Foam parallelograms and star shapes are pre-cut and ready to create with.  Scissors are only needed to trim the Baker’s Cotton.   Add a few stars and this patriotic flag bunting is ready to hang!

4th of July Pennant Flags...DIY

It doesn’t take much to transform a few red, white, and blue parallelograms into these super cute patriotic flags!  Best of all when you use Glue Dots to secure the craft foam flags to the Baker’s Cotton, there is no drying time required.  To finish off the flags, simply attach foam stars (w/ Mini Glue Dots) and this bunting is ready to hang as a party decoration!

Simple Pennant Flags for the 4th of July

It can be made to any length and  is super light-weight.  Hang it on a door, across a window, on the porch railing, wrap it around a container, etc. etc. Hang with suction cups, Removable Glue Dots, Command Strips, or tie baker’s cotton to hooks.

Here are a Few Simple Step-By-Step Instructions:

Cut twisted Red/White Baker’s Cotton to the desired length.  Lay Baker’s Cotton across the center of the Foam Parallelogram Shape.  Attach Craft Glue Dots to the craft foam (see below).  We recommend adding 2 additional Glue Dots (in between the ones shown) to hold all the sides together once the shape is folded in half.

Use foam parallelograms to make pennant flags! Fold the foam parallelogram shape in half to create the flag pennant.  Press to secure all the sides of the craft foam together.


Now repeat the steps above to create more Flags!  We used Blue and Red to make a red, white, and blue flag bunting.  Be sure to leave an equal space between each flag.

Craft Foam Pennant Flags...they are super easy to make!

To finish off our 4th of July Flag Bunting, we added a Small Star Shape to each flag pennant.  We recommend using Mini Glue Dots (no drying time required) to attach the star shapes.  That way the flags are ready to hang as soon as the stars are attached!

4th of July Flag Craft.

Once there are stars attached to all the flags this 4th of July Decoration is ready to hang.  These little patriotic flags look good across windows, doors, mirrors, and even frames!


Happy 4th of July!

Start Shopping:

  • Red, White, and Blue Parallelogram Foam Shapes
  • Craft Glue Dots
  • Small Red, White, and Blue Star Shapes
  • Red/White Twist Baker’s Cotton
  • Mini Glue Dots

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