Easy 4th of July Party Decorations

4th of July Party Decorations

Make these Red, White, and Blue Craft Foam Stars for your next 4th of July Picnic or BBQ!  These festive stars make a great centerpiece for any table.  Or create star food markers &/or party decorations.  Stars are easy to assemble and inexpensive to make. Simply outline foam stars with a Sharpie Marker, attach a small star & button, wrap star with Baker’s Twine and attach to a Jumbo Craft Stick!

4th of July table decorations with Craft Foam & Baker's Twine

Once stars are decorated, arrange them in jars or containers individually (shown above) or together to spell “4th of July”.  Just for fun we filled each container with inexpensive popcorn kernels.  The popcorn kernels cost less than $2.00 for a large 2 lb bag and made the perfect filler for our 4th of July Stars!

Or use the Stars as “food markers”!  Write the name of a food item you are serving at your 4th of July party and then place the stars on the table by that item.   Use recycled baby food jars or small candle holders (filled with popcorn kernels) to display individual Stars by food items.

Easy to make 4th of July Food Markers

Here is how to make these easy 4th of July Stars for Centerpieces, Decorations, and Food Markers…

Start by outlining our Pre-Cut Craft Foam Red, White, and Blue Stars with a Red or Blue Sharpie Marker.  We did a simple line dot pattern around the edge of each star.  Each side of the star should have 3 dots and 2 lines.  Be careful not to smear the marker while you are outlining.  Once it dries (in a few minutes) it won’t smear.

outline craft foam with Sharpie Markers

When the star is all outlined, add words on the lower right side of the star.  We added “4th” to the red star, “of” to the white star, and “July” to the blue star for the centerpiece.  If using the stars for food markers, write the name of the food instead.

Outline Craft Foam Stars with Sharpie Markers

Now it’s time to attach the large foam stars to a Jumbo Craft Stick!  Add 2) Glue Dots to the top of the jumbo craft stick and attach the outline star shape to the stick.  Press to secure.  Glue Dots have an instant secure hold and there is no drying time needed.

add craft foam stars to jumbo craft sticks with Glue Dots

To finish, flip star over and attach another star on the back.  Place Glue Dot on the tips of the star to secure together.


Line up Foam Star and press to secure to back.  Here is what the stars should look like once they attached to the craft stick:

4th of July Stars on a Stick Now get ready to “wrap” each star shape with Baker’s Twine!  We wrapped each star 3 times and then simply tied off the ends with a knot in the front of the star.

wrap craft foam shapes with baker's twine

Once all the stars are wrapped, attach a small foam star to the upper right corner of the star with a Glue Dot.

craft foam stars wrapped with baker's twine for the 4th of July

Next, attach a White Button to the center of the small star.  A Mini Glue Dot works great!

4th of July Stars

There you have it!  The perfect Stars for 4th of July!!!  Use as centerpieces, party decorations, or food markers for your 4th of July Party, Picnic, or BBQ!

Easy 4th of July Party Decorations

Be sure to fill empty jars or small containers with popcorn kernels for an expensive and festive filler!  We purchased a large 2 lb bag of popcorn kernels for less than $2.00.

Easy 4th of July Centerpiece

Recycled baby food jars filled with popcorn kernels would be perfect for displaying the Star Food Markers!  Simply place them on the table by the food item.

These Stars are great for kids to make too!  Have kids make them as decorations or as a 4th of July Craft.  Kids can make and take home stars as a great reminder of your 4th of July Party!  For younger children, either skip the Sharpie Marker outline or do it for them.  Be sure to write their name and the year on the star and then let kids assemble the stars.  Pre-cut the Baker’s Twine and help with tying the knot.  Of course, older children will enjoy outlining and creating these on their own…

Supplies Needed for 4th of July Stars:

  • Large Red, White, & Blue Stars
  • Small Star Shapes
  • White Buttons
  • Red/White Baker’s Twine
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Glue Dots
  • Red/Blue Sharpie Markers
  • Optional:  jars, small containers, popcorn kernels for filler

Shop for these and many other great craft supplies at:  www.craftsuppliesforless.com

Happy 4th of July America!!!  We would love to hear from you!  Share your comments or ideas below~


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