Fall Decor ~ Acorn Garland

Here is another simple fall craft idea with Foam Shapes and a few other inexpensive craft supplies.  Oh, and you will also need Glitter Nail Polish… it’s the perfect way to make those foam shapes sparkle!  Use this Acorn Garland for fall decoration, gift bags, or make a Thankful Tree with real branches and a few foam maple leaf shapes.  Teachers… make this garland in a classroom with students by having each student assemble a section, tie them altogether, and hang on a bulletin board or throughout the room!

foam acorn garland strung on tree branches

Supplies Needed:

Acorn Garland Supplies Needed

Directions for Making Acorn Garland:
1)  First, let’s start by adding a little “sparkle” to the Foam Acorn Shapes!  Using Gold Glitter Nail Polish (instead of traditional glitter and glue) we painted each acorn shape.  It is a good idea to paint each side of the foam acorns if you are going to hang them on branches. One coat per side is plenty.  The polish dried really fast and then we were able to get started making the garland.   Best of all there was no glitter mess to clean up!!!
paint foam shapes with nail polish

 2)  Once the nail polish is dry on the foam acorn shapes, you can begin assembling the garland.  Using a Low Temperature Glue Gun, attach Natural Twine to the top of the foam acorn.  Then immediately add a craft button to the top of the twine.  For a more finished look, add an additional craft button to the back of the acorn.

low temp glue gun to attach twine to foam

acorn garland made with foam shape, button, and twine

3)  Continue adding different color acorns along the Natural Twine.  We made the following pattern on the twine:  Brown, Tan, Goldenrod, Orange, Brown, Tan, etc.  That’s it!

acorn garland on placemat

Here are a few ways to use your Acorn Garland this Fall:

Cut a small piece of Twine, attach 1 acorn shape with button to the center, hole punch the top of a gift bag on each side, and tie acorn garland around gift bag as a closure.

acorn garland on gift bag

Wrap Acorn Garland around a clear jar, vase, or bottle:

acorn garland strung on glass jar

Add garland to a Gift Box:

acorn garland wrapped on gift box

Last but not least… make a Thankful Tree with real tree branches!

For the real tree branches, simply cut a few real branches, pull off any remaining leaves, and let dry for a day.  Next, place them in the container of your choice (a pot with floral foam, vase, or glass jar).  If you use a pot with floral foam, make sure to cover the foam with glass gems, rocks, or floral grass.  Now it’s time to string the acorn garland around the branches!

foam acorn garland strung on tree branches

To make this into a Thankful Tree, we hole punched a few Foam Maple Leaves and tied Natural Twine to hang the leaves from the branches.

foam maple leaf with natural twine for hanging

Using a Sharpie Marker, add a word and outline the leaf shape with dots or lines.  Hang the Maple Leaves on the branches.

acorn garland on branches with foam maple leaves

Find Foam Acorns, Natural Twine, Craft ButtonsMaple Leaves, Sharpie Markers, and much more at Craft Supplies for Less, Inc located online at www.craftsuppliesforless.com!

Please share how you used this Acorn Garland!  Post comments below or add photos to our facebook page at www.facebook.com/craftsuppliesforless

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