Make Apple Clothespins Magnets... Tutorial.

Apple Clothespins…for Magnets or “Chip-Clips”

Here is a fall craft that proves apples aren’t only for teachers or to keep the doctor away!  For this easy craft project we used Apples to create these adorable clothespins that can be either magnets for the refrigerator (hang notes, reminders, &/or pictures) or used as re-usable “chip clips”.  Don’t you just love crafts that have a purpose and can be re-used once they are created?!?  If apples aren’t for you, try this craft with any of our small craft foam shapes (pumpkins, acorns, leaves, flowers, and many more).  No matter what shape you add, this clothespin craft is sure to be fun to make and well used afterward!

Make Apple Clothespins Magnets... Tutorial.

These Apple Clothespins require only a few craft supplies and a little time.  They would make a great small gift to give and with a little help kids could easily make these.  They could also be used to seal a bag of apples for a gift, hold up garland, displayed on the refrigerator, clipped to a card, attached to a school photo and given as a gift and so much more!  Just think of the possibilities.

DIY: Apple Garland with Clothespins

Here are a few easy steps for making Apple Clothespins:

Start by adding 2) Mini Glue Dots to the back of each apple shape (or any small shape you choose…hearts, stars, acorns, maple leaves, & many more).  Then press the shapes to the top of the White Clothespin (or any color clothespins).

Use Glue Dots to add Foam Shapes to Clothespins

We are often asked if the Glue Dots are strong enough to hold the foam shapes and the answer is… YES!  They will bond instantly and securely.

Add Apple Shapes to Clothespins

Next, wrap each clothespin with about 10″ of matching Baker’s Cotton.  Wrap around the lower part of the clothespin to cover up the hinge.  Tie the ends on the top of the clothespin and trim any excess string.

Apple Clothespins... wrap bakers cotton around clothespinsOnce the Baker’s Cotton is tied to the clothespins, add a Mini Button to the center of each shape.  Use 1) Mini Glue Dot per Button to secure.  Hint:  Stick the buttons right onto the roll of Mini Glue Dots (shown below), then simply remove the buttons and attach them to the shapes.

Apples Clothespins... Add Mini Buttons to Apples with Glue Dots

Easy Apple Clothespins... Tutorial

If you are using these Apple Clothespins as chip clips, then you are finished at this point!  See below for how to add magnets to make Clothespin Magnets.

Apple Clothespin... Use as a Chip Clip!

For Magnetic Clothespins we recommend using Mini Ceramic Magnets.  These magnets are strong enough to hold not only the clothespin to the refrigerator but also additional items like photos, lists, and reminder notes.   To attach the Mini Ceramic Magnet, simply use a Mini Glue Dot (the same way we added the foam shapes and buttons)!  Attach the magnet to the back of the clothespin, near the top.

Apple Clothespins... add mini ceramic magnets to clothespins

Display these adorable Apple Clothespin Magnets on any magnetic surface.

Apple Clothespin Magnets. they are easy to make!

Shopping List of Supplies Needed:

Please tell us how you use your Apple Clothespins!  We would love to hear from you~


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