DIY... Groovy Flower Binder for Back to School

Back to School Binders…DIY

Stores have some great deals on Back to School Supplies right now but what if your kids can’t find the right binder to hold all those school papers?  Well, why not help them create their own design?!?  We have the supplies you need to do just that!  Below is an example of a White Clear Pocket 1″ Binder with Groovy Flower Stickers added to it.  If Groovy Flowers aren’t your style, use the instructions below with any of our sticker packs (or shapes) to create your own unique masterpiece!

Easy Flower Binder with Foam Stickers

All it takes to make this unique school binder is a pack of Foam Stickers, 2 sheets of Cardstock, Baker’s Cotton, and a Binder with a clear pocket!

Here’s How to Make a Groovy Flower Binder:

Start with one 12×12″ piece of cardstock for the background.  Trim the edges to fit in the binder pocket.  We used Orange Cardstock for our background.

Flower Binder... cut cardstock for background

Next, trim the edges of a piece of 8 1/2 x 11″ cardstock to fit centered inside the background piece of cardstock.  Once the top piece of cardstock is trimmed to the correct size, wrap the center of the paper with Baker’s Cotton.  We wrapped Hot Pink Baker’s Cotton around this navy paper 4 times and then tied the ends off to the left side of the paper.  FYI:  Baker’s Cotton is available in other colors as well.

Flower Binder...wrap cardstock with Hot Pink Baker's Cotton

Before attaching any Foam Stickers to the cardstock, we recommend 1st laying out the design you wish to create.  Below the Groovy Flower Stickers are laid out on the cardstock with a few Mini Buttons and Small Butterfly Shapes.  Once the design is complete, simply peel the paper backing off the foam stickers and press them onto the cardstock to secure.

Flower Binder.. attach stickers to cardstock.

Slide the background paper into the binder pocket and then slide the top piece of cardstock with the stickers on to the top.  Or you can secure the 2 pieces together with Glue Dots before placing inside the binder pocket.  Either way will work.

Easy Binder Made with Cardstock and Foam Stickers

To finish the design, cut a small piece of cardstock for the side pocket and add a few stickers.  Slide into the side pocket to complete the binder.

How to Make a Goovy Flower Binder

There you have it!  A school binder that no one else will have but everyone will want!  Made with light-weight inexpensive foam stickers, bakers cotton, a few buttons, and paper:)

Flower Binder Supplies Needed

List of Shopping Supplies:

  • Foam Stickers
  • Mini Buttons
  • Baker’s Cotton
  • Cardstock (8 1/2 x 11″ and 12×12″)
  • Optional:  Foam Shapes & Mini Glue Dots
  • Binder with a clear pocket

Tell us what you think!  We would love to hear from you.  Simply comment below.


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