Pastel Bookmarks with Inserts, VInyl Sleeves, and Tassels

Fun Bookmark Ideas

Here are a few Fun & Easy Bookmark Ideas using Blank Inserts, Vinyl Sleeves, Floss Bookmark Tassels, & Paper Circles!  Perfect for your next party, classroom or group craft!  Best of all there is no drying time with Glue Dots!

Pastel Bookmarks with Inserts, VInyl Sleeves, and Tassels

Supplies Needed: 

Bookmark Paper, Inserts, Sleeve, Punch, Glue Dots, and Supplies Needed

Directions for Making Bookmarks with Insert, Sleeve, and Tassel:

1)  Select matching inserts and 6×6″ scrapbook paper. The bookmark shown below is made with a Pink Insert and our Pink Paper Pack. Once colors are selected, begin by punching two corners from the paper with a 1″ Circle Punch.  This is done by placing the corner of the paper inside the circle punch.

Corner of paper punched and attached to corner of insert

2)  Continue by punching 1″ paper circles.  Lay out the design on the insert prior to attaching.  Below we added 7mm Round Crystal Rhinestones to the center of the flowers using Mini Glue Dots.

Bookmark insert design with 1" paper circles

3)  Once the design is laid out, attach paper circles to the bookmark insert with 1/2″ Craft Glue Dots.  We used a Glue Dot Roller, however, a roll of 1/2″ Glue Dots would work just as well.

Use Glue Dot Roller to attach 1" Paper Circles to Bookmark Insert

You can apply the Glue Dot directly to the paper circle (above) or to the insert (shown below):

Bookmark Insert with Glue Dots attached

4)  There is no drying time using Glue Dots, so as soon as the Paper Circles are attached, the insert can be slipped into a Clear Vinyl Bookmark Sleeve.

Insert added to clear vinyl bookmark sleeve

5)  To finish, add a Bookmark Tassel to the top of Vinyl Sleeve (there is a pre-punched hole at the top of the sleeve).

add floss bookmark tassel to the top of vinyl bookmark sleeve

6)  That’s it!  Time to enjoy a good book!

Pink Insert with Pink Paper Circles, Sleeve, and Tassels

More Ideas:

Blue Bookmark Insert with Paper Circles and Mini Buttons



Yellow Insert with Paper Circles and Mini Buttons

Use Markers to personalize inserts!  Write words like Fun, Happy, Read, Love, Books, etc and draw unique designs on insert!

For groups and parties:  Lay out all supplies and let everyone punch their own circles.  You will be amazed at how many unique designs will be created!

These bookmarks make great party favors!  Best of all there is no dry time!!!

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