Bookmark Tassels all colors

Floss or Chainette Bookmark Tassels

Do you know the difference between Floss Bookmark Tassels and Chainette Bookmark Tassels?  Over the years we have been asked many times so we thought a blog post might be helpful!  The short answer is the tassel at the top of the loop is different.  A Floss Tassel is made up of tiny, soft, shiny rayon strands.  Whereas, a Chainette Tassel is made up of twisted rayon that results in a larger tassel on the top. The loops and overall length of both Floss and Chainette only vary slightly.  Read on for more info~Bookmark Tassels all colors

Scroll down for an “Inspiring Opportunity” and more information on our partnership with Post Falls Food Bank in June & July!

Floss Bookmark Tassels:

Let’s start with Floss Bookmark Tassels.  These are definitely the more common bookmark tassel you see around.  They are featured on professional bookmarks at bookstores and gift shops.  Floss tassels are shiny, smooth, and delicate looking.  This is due to the fact that the tassel is made from tiny rayon strands.  Also, they are also less expensive than chainette tassels, which probably adds to their popularity!

The loop that is attached to the floss tassel is made from 2 pieces of rayon that are twisted.  This loop is 4″ from top to bottom.

Rainbow Floss Tassels

Overall Length w/ Floss Tassel:  5 3/4″ (1 3/4″ floss tassel and 4″ loop)

Advantages of Floss Tassels:

  • shiny & soft tassel
  • more color selection
  • less expensive than chainette tassels
  • smaller tassel works great for extra small to large bookmarks

Disadvantages of Floss Tassels:

  • delicate tassel can fray over time

Look how shiny these Floss Bookmark Tassels are!!!

Tropical Color Floss Bookmark Tassels

Chainette Bookmark Tassels:

Now let’s talk Chainette Bookmark Tassels.  The rayon loop is made the same as the floss tassel, 2 strands of twisted rayon.  So that leaves the tassel as the major difference.  The chainette tassel is made from tiny twisted rayon strands which results in a thicker, heavier (looking), and longer lasting tassel.   So perhaps the biggest advantage of a Chainette Tassel is that they won’t fray over time due to the fact that the tassel is made up of twisted rayon strands.

Light Blue Chainette Tassels

Overall Length w/ Chainette Tassel:  5 1/2″ (1 1/2″ tassel and 4″ loop)

Advantages of Chainette Tassels:

  • tassel won’t fray
  • longer lasting tassel

Disadvantages of Chainette Tassels:

  • more expensive
  • tassel is larger
  • fewer color choices

Both Floss and Chainette Tassels can be used with Extra Small – Large Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves.  Loops are both 4″ in length and tassels only vary slightly.  It really just comes down to personal preference and how you want your bookmarks to look when finished.  Use Floss or Chainette Tassels to make professional looking bookmarks!!!

Inspiring Opportunity:

During the months of June & July of 2013 we will be donating a can of food to our local Post Falls Food Bank for every bundle of Bookmark Tassels we sell!  Choose Floss or Chainette in bundles of 50, 500, or bulk 1000 by color or multi packs!

Follow our facebook page to see the food pyramid grow this summer at:

50 pack of tassels = 1 can of food

500 = 1 can of fruit and 1 can of spaghetti sauce

1000 = a jar of peanut butter

Check out our local food bank at:  They are 100% supported by donations and grants.  We are happy to partner with them in an effort to feed local Post Falls seniors, families, and children.  Please help us help others!

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