Foam Christmas Bulb Ornament

Easy Christmas Bulb Ornaments

Last week we posted a “Holiday Gift Tag” idea made with our Foam Christmas Bulbs, Jewels, Sequins, and Ribbon.  Well, here is how you can make Christmas Ornaments with the same materials!  These are a great Sunday School Craft.  Perfect for classrooms and all those School Christmas Parties next month. Since they are made from craft foam, they are super light weight and easy to hang on any branch of your tree!  Best of all there is no drying time so kids can make and take these ornaments without any mess.

Foam Christmas Bulb Ornament

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Foam Christmas Bulb Ornaments:

1)  Attach Stick on Jewels to the center of Spoke Sequins.  Since the jewels are “peel and stick” this step doesn’t require any add’l glue.  Simply peel the paper backing off the back of the jewels and attach to the center of the sequins.

attach jewels to the center of spoke sequins

2)  Using Mini Glue Dots, attach the Spoke Sequins (with Jewels) in desired pattern on the Foam Christmas Bulb.  *The center sequins (below) was made by attaching 2 spoke sequins together with a Mini Glue Dot.  Optional:  Using a thin Sharpie Marker, write the year, child’s name, or both, and a few dots for decoration.  Also, can outline the indention’s on top of the Christmas Bulb.

add sequins and jewels to foam christmas bulb ornament

 3)  Hole Punch top of ornament with a single hand-held paper punch and string with 8″ of Sheer Ribbon.  Tie for hanging.

Christmas ornament made with foam bulb

4)  That’s it.  These are perfect for group crafts and parties!  Send kids home with a craft that isn’t dripping with glue and will last for years!

Foam Christmas Bulb Ornament

Shop for Christmas Ornament Supplies at:

Also, check out our Holiday Gift Tag post for directions on making these into personalized gift tags!

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