How to Make Butterfly Bookmarks. Creative and inexpensive! Great group craft idea.

Burlap Butterfly Bookmarks

  Who knew that combining Burlap, Lace, and a little Craft Foam would create such a cute Butterfly Bookmark?!?  So simple and inexpensive to make too!  Perfect for a group craft, book club, or girl party.  The creativity is endless when you start with a blank White Bookmark Insert!!!  Choose colorful Butterfly Shapes, your favorite color of lace, a small piece of Burlap, and simply attach everything to the insert with Glue Dots!  This means there is no drying time for this craft.  As soon as these Bookmarks are assembled they are ready to use.  These bookmarks are so fun to make and a great craft that works well in groups or for making gifts!

How to Make Butterfly Bookmarks. Creative and inexpensive! Great group craft idea.

 These would be great craft for a Women’s Ministry retreat too!  Simply write a Bible Verse on the white insert and decorate around it.

Let’s Get Started:

Begin by cutting a small piece of Burlap Ribbon (without wire) to fit across the Blank White Bookmark Insert (we used Medium Size inserts & sleeves).  Attach the burlap ribbon to the paper insert with a Glue Dot in the center.  Press the burlap onto a Glue Dot.

Butterfly Bookmarks- Attach Burlap to insert with Glue Dots

Next, attach the Burlap Ribbon piece to the insert.  Press to secure.  We used only 1) Craft Glue Dot (centered on the burlap) to secure it to the insert.

Butterfly Bookmark...Add burlap to white insert w/ Glue Dots

Cut a small piece of lace to fit inside the burlap.  We used White.  Attach the lace with a Glue Dot at each end.  Press to secure.Butterfly Bookmarks... add Burlap and lace to insert!  Now for the craft foam Butterfly Shapes!  We used 3) Mini Glue Dots per shape to attach the Butterflies to the insert and lace.  See below..

Butterfly Bookmarks... add Craft Foam Butterflies with Mini Glue Dots

Draw matching antennae with colored pencils.

Butterfly Bookmarks...draw matching antennae with colored pencils.

Add a few random dots on the inserts…  Can draw small lines around the perimeter of the insert too!

Butterfly Bookmarks... Slip insert into Clear Bookmark Sleeve

Hole punch the top of the insert with a Small 1/8″ Hole Punch.

Butterfly Bookmarks.. hole punch insert to add bookmark tassel, ribbon, or twine!

Cut small strips of Natural Twine, bunch 4-5 pieces together, and slip through hole punch.

Butterfly Bookmarks - add natural twine to the top of the insert.

To finish, simply slip Butterfly Insert into a Clear Bookmark Sleeve!!!  This will not only finish the bookmark, it will also protect it from damage so you can use this bookmark over and over again~

The perfect summer bookmark craft! Butterfly Bookmarks are easy to make and inexpensive too!

Shopping List:

  • Medium White Bookmark Inserts
  • Foam Butterfly Shapes
  • Glue Dots
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • White Ribbon Lace
  • Natural Twine
  • 1/8″ Hole Punch
  • Colored Pencils

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