Butterfly & Flower Bookmarks

Who would have ever guessed that you could make these simple Butterfly and Flower Bookmarks with only a few foam shapes and some elastic cord???  Well, you can and they are super easy.  Simply hole punch foam shapes (we used 2 Butterflies and a Flower) and thread through elastic cord.  Tie cord around any size book for the perfect fit and you’ll have a bookmark that will last the entire time you are reading.  Create a few of these unique bookmarks for a book club, as a kids craft, or for your next craft party!

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Butterfly & Flower Bookmarks:

1)  Choose a book & cut Elastic Cord long enough to wrap around pages.  Leave room for tying when finished.

 2)  With a 1/8″ Hole Punch make 2 holes in the center of the butterfly shape. This is where you will thread the elastic through.

 3)  Continue hole punching all butterfly & flower shapes as shown below.

 4)  Thread Elastic Cord through holes.  Space shapes evenly in center of cord.

   5)  Place inside book and flip book over.  Tie elastic tight around book.  Trim excess.  If you prefer, you can pull the knot to the top of the book and rearrange the shapes.

 5)  That’s it!  Time to read & save your page!

 Buy a Butterfly & Flower Bookmark Kit (Makes 10) for only $5.00!

More Ideas:

  • We have tons of different Foam Shapes!  Use Hearts, Stars, Frogs, Fish, Footprints, Hand Prints, or Trains (just to name a few) to create your own look. 

  • Personalize Foam Shapes with Foamies Markers.

  • Hole Punch all the way around shapes & lace before threading thru elastic.

  • Other Bookmark Supplies we carry.

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