Candy Corn Garland w/ Googly Eyes

Before October wraps up and Halloween has come and gone, we thought we better hurry up and post this great Candy Corn Garland!!!  Wow, what a fast year this has been.

Anyone else love the cheerful look of Candy Corn? It is just so fun, happy, and kid friendly for a holiday that is overflowing with dark and scary decorations.  Our love for this cheery candy inspired us to create an easy Candy Corn Garland with a little twist… we added Large Foam Googly Eyes!  There is just something about candy and googly eyes that kids love.  This garland is the perfect cheerful Fall Decoration to hang on your porch, fireplace mantel, door frame, stair railing, and more.  It’s also perfect for the classroom!  Made from craft foam and ribbon it’s light weight and easy to hang.  We used Glue Dots “Continuous Lines” so there is no drying time necessary, making this a great fall craft you can create in minutes!

Candy Corn Garland with Googly Eyes hanging on mantel

Supplies Needed:

candy corn googly eye garland supplies needed

Directions for Making the Candy Corn Garland with Googly Eyes:

1)    Begin by cutting the White and Yellow Sticky Back Craft Foam into 2 3/4 x 12″ strips.   Each 9×12″ foam sheet will make 3 strips.

cut craft foam into strips for making candy corn

2)  Lay out a sheet of Orange Craft Foam on a flat surface.  If the foam sheet has a label in the upper corner, remove it and place the white strip over the holes created from removing the label.  To attach the white foam strip to the orange foam, simply peel the paper backing from the white sheet, line it up with the bottom edge of the orange sheet, and press firmly.  Next, add the yellow strip right above the white strip so there are no gaps.  See below.

peel paper backing from sticky back foam and attach to craft foam sheet

yellow and white craft foam attached to orange foam sheet to make candy corn garland

 3)  Now that you’ve have created a “Candy Corn Craft Foam Sheet” (with no glue or drying time needed),  it’s time to cut the Candy Corn Pennants for the garland.  We used a paper trimmer, however, scissors will work too.  If you are using scissors, be sure to trace the cut onto the foam with a ruler prior to cutting.  Begin by trimming the edge of the craft foam at an angle to create your first “candy corn”.

trim edge off candy corn craft foam

 4)  Cut the first candy corn “triangle” by angling the craft foam the other direction and cutting the foam with about 5 1/2″ across the top.  Make sure the angle you cut the foam at leaves a point at the end of the candy corn.

craft foam cut to make candy corns

 5)  Turn the foam sheet around to cut the 2nd triangle.  Then, turn it back to cut the final candy corn triangle.  One “candy corn” sheet will make 3 triangles.  However, one of the triangles will have an upside down pattern (the white will be on top).  In order to not waste foam, we used all 3 sheets and just created a pattern with the different colors on top (orange, white, orange, etc).

candy corn triangles made from craft foam

6)  Next, attach Glue Dots Continuous Lines to the top of each candy corn triangle.

glue dots continuous lines adhesive attached to craft foam

7)  Create the pattern of candy corns you would like.  Our candy corns are placed about 2 1/2″ apart.  Just enough room for the googly eyes!  Attach the White Satin Ribbon to Glue Lines.  Press the ribbon firmly to the top of the foam.

glue lines, craft foam, ribbon to make candy corn garland

attach ribbon to craft foam for candy corn garland

8)  This step is optional:  we attached Orange Grosgrain Ribbon to the top of the white satin ribbon (just for fun) using the same technique as before.  If you would like to do this as well, simply attach the Continuous Glue Lines to the top of the white ribbon and press the orange ribbon firmly to the top of the white ribbon.

candy corn garland with white and orange ribbon

9)  Now it’s time to add the Googly Eyes to the garland!  Using Large Foam Eye Stickers, simply peel the paper backing and stick them to the ribbon.  FYI:  we also placed a white circle behind the white of the eyes to finish off the garland and keep the eyes from sticking to everything.  The black part of eye is also a sticker so you can place it anywhere you want to on the white part of the eye!

Candy Corn Garland with Googly Eyes

In summary, Foamies only makes the White and Yellow Craft Foam in Sticky Back (no orange).  Therefore, we used a piece of Orange 2mm Craft Foam (without sticky back) and just stuck the white and yellow strips to it to create the candy corn sheet.  You could use all 2mm craft foam (without the sticky back), however, there is really no good way to attach the sheets to each other.

Sheets Needed:  It takes 3) Orange Craft Foam Sheets, 1) White Sticky Back, and 1) Yellow Sticky Back Sheet to make 9 Candy Corns.  This would be enough Candy Corns to make a 6 1/2′ garland.

Great Halloween decoration for classrooms, fireplace mantels, door frames, stair railings, and porches!  Shop for supplies at

That’s a wrap!  Happy Halloween!!!  This will be our last Fall Craft Idea for 2013.  It’s time to start thinking of handmade holiday gifts, ornaments, snowflakes, and CHRISTMAS!   We say it every year but what an amazingly fast year this has been.

Please tell us what you think about our Candy Corn Garland by adding a comment below.  We would love to see what you create!  Post your creations on our facebook page at

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