Heart Thumbprint Magnets... Perfect for kids to make and give as gifts!

Thumbprint Heart Magnets w/ Bottle Caps

Here is a simple gift for kids to make and give this Valentine's Day, or any day for that matter:)  Using rubber stamp ink, make thumbprint (or fingerprint) hearts by pressing thumb onto ink and then onto a 1" pre-punched circle in the form of a heart.  Add the circle to a Silver Bottle Cap, cover with a Clear Epoxy Sticker to secure, and attach a 1" Adhesive Craft Magnet to the back for a quick and simple craft.  We can't say there is no mess as you do have to get ink on your thumb or fingers Read more [...]
Ladybug Bottle Cap Magnets

Ladybug Bottle Cap Magnets

Another Nail Polish Craft... Adorable Lady Bug Magnets!  Made with Colorful Painted Bottle Caps, Black Nail Polish, Wiggle Eyes, and Medium Ceramic Magnets!  Paint the top of the bottle cap with a black head, stripe, and dots.  Then attach the ceramic magnet inside!  The nail polish dries quickly on the bottle cap.  Best of all - there are no brushes to clean!  Fun summer craft! Supplies Needed:   Multi Color Bottle Caps E6000 Medium Ceramic Magnets 5mm Wiggle Eyes Read more [...]
Melted Pony Beads removed from bottle cap

Melted Pony Bead Pins

These Melted Pony Bead Pins are perfect for Mother's Day!  Make with Mom's favorite colors!  Simply place assorted Pony Beads in a Giant Metal Bottle Cap and melt in the oven for 10-15 mins.  Allow time to completely cool.  Remove melted beads and attach a 1 1/4" Silver Pin Back with E6000.  Supplies Needed:    Pony Beads (Made in the USA) Giant Metal Bottle Caps (without liners) E6000 1 1/4" Silver Pin Backs Optional:  Buttons & Rhinestones Directions for Making Read more [...]
How to Melt Pony Beads in the Oven

Melted Pony Bead Flowers

These Melted Pony Beads will look great as Flower Necklaces, Magnets, Hair Clips, and More!  Using Chrome Bottle Caps we melted Pony Beads in the oven and turned them into amazing Flower Shapes!  These melted pony bead flowers make great embellishments for many crafts.  Melt 4) pony beads and add a mini button to the center or melt 6 beads (both designs are shown below).  The creations are endless!  Once melted, you can add these pony bead flowers to Clothespin Magnets, make into Necklaces, Read more [...]
candy like bottle cap magnet

“Candy” Bottle Cap Magnets

Melt Makit & Bakit Crystals in Chrome Bottle Caps, Place in Clear Plastic Sleeve, Tie Ends with Ribbon, & Attach a 1" Adhesive Craft Magnet for perfect "Candy Like" Magnets!  Make a great Valentine's Day Craft!  Supplies Needed: Makit & Bakit Baking Crystals Chrome Bottle Caps (without liners) Clear Plastic Sleeves 1/4" Sheer Ribbon 1" Adhesive Craft Magnet Scissors Foil or Pie Tin Oven for melting crystals Directions for Making "Candy Like" Magnets 1)  Read more [...]
Bottle Cap Jewelry

Bottle Cap Crafts

Bottle Cap Necklaces, Pins, and Magnets make great Holiday Gifts!  Fun and easy to make.  Add Photo's, Paper Circles, Buttons, Glitter, Letter Beads, Sequins, Confetti, Letter Stickers & More!  No drying time with peel and stick Epoxy Stickers or fill with Diamond Glaze Adhesive.  Then simply add a Magnet, Jewelry Bail, or Tie Tack to the back of the Bottle Cap for a gift that looks like it was purchased at the store! Supplies Needed: Bottle Caps Epoxy Circle Stickers Jewelry Read more [...]