Easy Glass Ornaments made with Chenille Stems & Hair Ties!

Chenille Stem Glass Ornaments

Here is a fun and super easy Christmas Ornament Idea that's also inexpensive to make...Glass Ornament Bulbs with Chenille Stems inside!  Simply remove the ornament cap, add 3 chenille stems to each ornament bulb (the chenille stems will curl around the inside of the bulb), replace the cap, and add a hair tie for hanging on the tree!  Like we said, super easy and fun to make.  Each one turns out differently.  Try these with different amounts of Chenille Stems and/or different colors in each glass Read more [...]
easy heart garland

Heart Garland w/ Chenille Stems

It's the time of year when everywhere you look you see the color red, the word "love", and every shape of a HEART ever created.   That can only mean one thing... It's almost Valentine's Day!  Inspired by all the red, hearts, and love in the air is this post for an Easy Heart Garland.  Whether you consider yourself "crafty" or not, this Heart Garland can be created in no time using only Chenille Stems and Pony Beads!  Not to mention it is super lightweight and easy to hang.  Get your classroom Read more [...]

Gone Fishing Game

Time to go fishing with these fun, colorful, & adorable little fish!  Fish are easily made by cutting and twisting Bump Chenille Stems.  Add wiggle eyes and make a few magnetic fishing poles with clothespins, twine, and mini ceramic magnets! That's all you need for this fun Fishing Game.  The mini magnet on the end of the twine will attach to the wire inside the chenille fish for easy pick up.  No hooks required!  Makes a great matching game too! Supplies Needed: Multi Pack Read more [...]
foam heart decorations

Spiral Hanging Decorations

These Spiral Heart Decorations are made from Foam Shapes and Chenille Stems!  No glue or cutting required.  Perfect for classroom and party decorations!  So light weight they can hang from crepe paper!  Fun and easy to make.  Simply twist chenille stems around marker, pull each end to create spiral, and attach foam shape!  We made these with hearts but you can use any of our custom foam shapes (hot air balloons, fire engines, trains, fall leaves, animals, frogs, sunshines, rain drops, Read more [...]
Yellow Bump Chenille Flowers in a white vase

Chenille Stem Flowers

Inspired by the first day of summer, these Chenille Stem Flowers are simply adorable and so fun to make!  All it takes is Bump Chenille Stems, 2" Styrofoam Balls, Green Pipe Cleaners, and a tall vase for display.  No glue or drying time!  Both kids and adults will love creating these.  Oh, & we must say, they are SOOOO soft!!!   Supplies Needed: Bump Chenille Stems Green Chenille Stems 2" Styrofoam Balls Scissors or Wire Cutters Small Opening Tall Vase Directions Read more [...]
Wreath Ornament with Red Velvet Bow

Wreath Ornaments

These Wreath Ornaments are fun for all ages!  Simply string Green and Red Tri-Beads on a Green Chenille Stem, twist top, and attach a Red Velvet Bow.  No glue or cutting required!  Great for holiday parties and group crafts.  Beaded wreaths can be used as tree ornaments, gift tag holders on presents, or as window decorations!  Supplies Needed: Green Transparent Tri-Beads Red Transparent Tri-Beads 12" Emerald Chenille Stems Mini Red Velvet Bows Wreath Ornament Kit (Makes 72) Directions Read more [...]

Candy Cane Ornaments

Make adorable Candy Cane Ornaments with Pony Beads, Chenille Stems, & Faceted Beads!  Perfect for group, classroom, & sunday school crafts!  Simple, Inexpensive, & Fun to make!  Ornaments can be reused year after year and look amazing on any Christmas tree! Supplies Needed: Red Pony Beads White Pony Beads Red Faceted Beads White Chenille Stems Low Temp Glue Gun Optional:  Tri-Beads instead of Pony Beads Directions for Making Candy Cane Ornaments: 1)  Cut Read more [...]