Ladybug visor with black heart spots

Lady Bug Visor

These Lady Bug Visors are Perfect for Birthday Parties!  Add Black Heart Stickers as spots and they are a great Valentine's craft as well! Supplies Needed:  Foamies Red Visor Foamies Black Sticky Back 9x12 Sheet 1" Black Foam Circle Stickers Sticky Back Wiggle Eyes Scissors Lady Bug Visor Kit - Makes 8 Optional:  Use Black Heart Stickers for spots!  Steps for Making Lady Bug Visors: 1)  Remove Vinyl Coil from one side of Visor.  2)  Cut 1 piece of Read more [...]
Watermelon Foam Visor

Watermelon Visors

Watermelon Foam Visors Make Hot Pink Watermelon Visors for your next Summer Picnic, 4th of July Party, or Kids Birthday Party.  Fun and easy to create.  Use Foamies Hot Pink Visors, Black Seed Stickers, Lime Green Felt, and a little Ribbon to create these fun Watermelon Hats that kids will want to keep and wear again!   Steps for Making Watermelon Visors: 1)  Remove Vinyl Coil from one side of Visor.  Lay Visor flat on Lime Green Felt Sheet.  Trace around visor with ink pen or pencil.  Read more [...]
Foam Flower Straws & Visor

Flower Straws & Visors

Make these Adorable Flower Visors for your Next Party! Supplies Needed for Flower Straws:  Large Bubble Flower Shapes Medium Flower Foam Shapes Black Button Foam Stickers Colorful Drinking Straws 1/4" Hole Punch     Steps for making Flower Straws: 1)  Hole punch the Large Bubble Flower Shape & Medium Flower Shape with a 1/4" Hole Punch.  *You can fold the large flower over to punch (just only use 1/2 of the punch). 2)  Add Large & Medium Flowers Read more [...]

Butterfly & Flower Bookmarks

Who would have ever guessed that you could make these simple Butterfly and Flower Bookmarks with only a few foam shapes and some elastic cord???  You can and they are super easy!  Simply use a hole punch on craft foam shapes (we used 2 Butterflies and a Flower Foam Shape) and then thread elastic cord through the holes.  Tie cord around any size book for the perfect fit and you'll have a bookmark that will last the entire time you are reading.  Create a few of these unique bookmarks for a book Read more [...]