snowflake door hangers

Snowflake Craft for a Frozen Party

A Snowflake Craft in May?  We have to admit it does seem a little funny to be creating Snowflake Crafts just as we are turning off the furnace and opening our windows for the first time since last summer.  It has finally started to warm up here and now we can't wait for summer!  So why are we still making Snowflake Shapes and shipping them all over he nation?  All we can think of is these snowflakes must be for Frozen party crafts.  Therefore, we created a Frozen birthday party idea of our own. Read more [...]
add smile with black sharpie marker

Minion Decorations

These adorable Minions are perfect for Christmas Ornaments, Easter (as Minion Eggs), or your next Minion Party!  Can be made into necklaces that kids can wear or hang these as party decorations.  All it takes is Yellow Oval Shapes (made from craft foam), Large Wiggle Eyes, Black Ribbon, Glue Dots & Lines, and a Black Sharpie Marker.  There is no drying time necessary making this is the perfect make and take craft for your next holiday party or craft day!  Making these Minion decorations/necklaces Read more [...]
how to make yellow visors for minion party

Yellow Visors for Minion Party

We finally came up with a visor that is perfect for your next Minion party!   What makes these so perfect is the simple eye stickers and plastic goggles.  Not to mention the black electrical tape for the goggle straps...  The visors are one size fits all and there is no glue required for assembly.    Use these yellow visors instead of party hats at your next event.  They are sure to be a hit! Let's get started!  We had the hardest time figuring out a way to make affordable goggles.  Then Read more [...]
shamrock bouquet

A Bouquet of Shamrocks

Only 10 days to Spring!!!!  This is an amazing thought considering the super cold and snowy Winter we have had here in Northern Idaho.  Just last week there was a foot of snow on the ground and the temp was below 0.  This makes the thought of warmer Spring weather soooo exciting!   Soon we will even be able to plant flowers outside for summer bouquets.  Can't wait!  In the meantime, how about a Bouquet of Shamrocks for your table this St Patrick's Day?  Well, we have the perfect solution. Read more [...]
foam heart decorations

Spiral Hanging Decorations

These Spiral Heart Decorations are made from Foam Shapes and Chenille Stems!  No glue or cutting required.  Perfect for classroom and party decorations!  So light weight they can hang from crepe paper!  Fun and easy to make.  Simply twist chenille stems around marker, pull each end to create spiral, and attach foam shape!  We made these with hearts but you can use any of our custom foam shapes (hot air balloons, fire engines, trains, fall leaves, animals, frogs, sunshines, rain drops, Read more [...]
Glue Dots added to Large Brown Triangle Shape

Owl Visors

Make these cute Owl Visors for your next Classroom or Birthday Party!  Super easy and fun to make!  All it takes is Foamies Visors, Brown Circle Shapes, Foam Eye Stickers, Small Orange Triangle Shapes, Large Brown Triangles, and 1/2" Glue Dots.  No cutting or drying time required.  Make these visors instead of party hats for your next event! Supplies Needed: Foam Owl Visor Kit (Makes 8) Foam Visors Foam Eye Stickers Small Orange Triangle Foam Shapes Large Brown Triangle Read more [...]
red visor for elmo party

Red Visor for Elmo Party

These Red Visors will be a hit at your next Elmo Party!  No scissors required.  Just peel & stick White Foam Circles & attach the Orange Oval Nose with a Glue Dot.  No drying time required!  Foamies Visors are ready to wear & one size fits all!    Supplies Needed: Foamies Red Visors Red Visor Party Kit (Makes 10) Foam Large Eye Sticker Pack Orange Foam Oval SHAPES Glue Dots or Glue Lines   Directions for Making Red Visor: 1)    Peel & Read more [...]