Hungry Caterpillar Craft for Kids

Hungry Caterpillar Visor Craft

 Remember the story of the very hungry caterpillar?  We do!  Here is a kids craft to go with this highly memorable childhood story.  This Caterpillar Visor Craft is perfect for classrooms and/or parties.  Kids will love these visors!!!  Best of all they can make them without scissors or glue.  Simply peel and stick the craft foam circle stickers to the visor, add Wiggle Eyes and these are ready to wear!  We love simple, no mess crafts that kids will want to keep.  This colorful Caterpillar Visor hits the mark!

Easy Hungry Caterpillar Visor Craft for Kids!

While planting flowers in the yard a small caterpillar crossed the sidewalk.  Of course, the caterpillar that slithered its way to the flower bed wasn’t nearly this colorful, however, it did inspire this adorable craft!

Kids Visor Craft Idea... Hungry Caterpillar Visors!

Instructions for Making Hungry Caterpillar Visors:

Start by removing the vinyl coil from one side of the foam visor.  This should be done prior to giving these visors to kids so they are ready to decorate.  This flattens the visor and makes it much easier to attach the craft foam circle stickers!  FYI:  the coil easily re-attaches at the end of the craft.

Remove vinyl coil from black visor to flatten.

Give kids 8 assorted Bright Colored Foam Circles Stickers (included in the Caterpillar Visor Kit).  Encourage them to layout the design of the caterpillar they would like or show them our example.  Then simply remove the paper backing from the circles and attach them to the visor.

Caterpillar Visor Idea... Attach Foam Circle Stickers to visor

Continue until 7 of the 8 the stickers are attached to the visor, making sure to overlap the circles.   Press to secure.

Caterpillar Visor Craft for Kids... attach circle stickers!

Now for the last circle sticker… the face!  Before adding the last circle, cut 2 tiny antennae from Natural Twine and position on the visor.  Peel and stick the final circle over the top of the antennae to hold them in place.

Caterpillar Visor - add antennae.

Press to secure.

Caterpillar Visor Craft... add antennae with twine.

With a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Marker (any permanent marker will work), draw a small smile on the face.

Hungry Caterpillar Craft...draw a smiley face.

Finish the Caterpillar’s face with 2 tiny Wiggle Eyes.  These are included and already attached to Mini Glue Dots so kids can just press the 5mm Wiggle Eyes onto the face.

Caterpillar Craft... Add Wiggle Eyes!

Now for the fun part!  Re-attach the vinyl coil and this Hungry Caterpillar Visor is ready to wear!!!

Hungry Caterpillar Visor Craft for Kids!

Helpful Hints:

  • Have kids pick the color for the face of their caterpillar first.  Then draw the smile on this circle and set it aside.  This will stop them from sticking it to the visor before the antennae are attached.
  • Print a photo of this Caterpillar Craft for kids to copy.
  • Make a sample for display that kids can copy.

Shopping List:

  • Black Foam Visors w/ Coil
  • 1″ Foam Circle Stickers in assorted colors
  • 5mm Wiggle Eyes
  • Natural Twine
  • Permanent Marker for Smile



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