Black Clothespin Magnets with Button Embellishments

Clothespin Magnets

Make these easy Clothespin Magnets with clothespins, scraps of pattern paper, Mod Podge, Neo Magnets & a few embellishments!    Perfect for displaying Valentine’s, Photos, Cards, Shopping Lists, and School Papers and the refrigerator.  Embellish Clothespin Magnets with Foam Hearts, Buttons, & More.  Choose Black, White, Natural or any color clothespins for these easy magnets.  Cut strips of Scrapbook Paper to match and use Mod Podge to add to the top of the clothespin.  Make this craft at home but no one will know!  These Clothespin Magnets make great gifts too.

heart and flower embellishments attached to clothespins

Directions for making Clothespin Magnets:

1)  Cut scrapbook paper into small 3/8 x 3 1/4″ strips.  For an exact fit on the clothespin, we trimmed the paper into 3/8″ strips, lined up the clothespin, and cut to the exact length.

Cut pattern paper to the length of clothespin

2)  Apply Mod Podge to top of clothespin with small foam brush.  The entire top of the clothespin needs to be covered with Mod Podge so the paper will adhere securely.

mod podge applied to top of black clothespin

3)  Allow to dry for a few minutes.  Then brush top of paper with Mod Podge.  Allow to dry and re-apply an additional coat.  It only takes about 15 minutes for the Mod Podge to dry.  The Mod Podge will be completely clear once dry.


mod podge brushed on top of paper on clothespin


mod podge dried on top of clothespin

4)  While the Mod Podge dries, assemble various embellishments for the clothespins. Add embroidery floss to buttons, attach buttons to foam hearts, and make pony bead flowers.

red and white buttons attached with gray embroidery floss    black foam heart attached to red button with gray embroidery floss

heart and flower embellishments for clothespin magnets

5)  Attach embellishments to clothespin about 1″ from the closed end (over the in-set wire on top of clothespin) with E6000 and allow to dry.

Black Clothespin Magnets with Button Embellishments

6)  Once dry, flip clothespin and attach 1) 8mm Neo Magnet or a Mini Ceramic Magnet to the back about 1″ from the top of the clothespin (the opposite end of the embellishment) with a small amount of E6000.  attach neo magnet to back of finished clothespin

Important:  Keep the Neo Magnets away from the coil on the clothespin when attaching & from each other while drying.  Even though they are only 8mm they are super strong magnets!

More Ideas:

  • Use Clothespins as Valentine’s Holders!  Clip Foam Hearts, flip Clothespin, and stand upright on desk:

standing clothespins with Happy Valentine's Day foam hearts

  • Great Classroom Activity!
  • Clip Valentine’s to clothespins and attach to Valentine’s Bags.
  • Use White, Multi, or Natural Wood Clothespins
  • Great way to use up those Scrapbook Paper Scraps!
  • Perfect for filing cabinets and refrigerator magnets!
  • Clothespin with Neo Magnet & Mini Ceramic Magnets will hold multiple papers, photos, shopping lists, school work, & love notes!!!
  • Make with Pink Paper and Natural Clothespins:Pastel Clothespin Magnets

Flowers above are made with Melted Pony Beads…  Check out our post on how to make these!

Supplies Needed: clothespin, mod podge, buttons, foam hearts, and pattern paper

Find these and other great Craft Supplies HERE

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