Colored Glass Gems with Nail Polish

How to Make Nail Polish Gems

Why shop around for colored glass gems to match your next event, party, or wedding when you can make any color gem you need with Clear Glass Gems & Nail Polish???  To make these Nail Polish Gems, simply paint the back of Small or Large Clear Glass Gems with your favorite color and let dry!!!  Display colored gems on mirrors or use to fill vases.  You can even paint the top of the gem!  Best of all there are no brushes to clean!

Nail Polish Craft... Large Colored Glass Gems

If you need 100’s of colored gems for a wedding or event, make some coffee and get your friends together!  It takes less than a minute per gem to cover the back with polish and some drying time.  Easy clean up too!  Fun for young and old.  Such a great group craft!

Supplies Needed:

Small & Large Clear Glass Gems & Nail Polish

Small Clear Glass Gems
Large Clear Glass Gems
Nail Polish*

Directions for Making Colored Glass Gems:

1)  Clean both sides of Clear Glass Gems.  Also, be sure to protect table or counter top with paper towels, wax paper, or old tablecloth.

Clear Small and Large Glass Gems

2)  Flip gem over and paint entire back of gem.  Hint:  Apply 1 heavy coat of nail polish to the back of the gem.  The more polish on the brush the better (the opposite of how you paint nails)!  Don’t brush the side against the bottle.  The extra polish will provide better coverage.  When gem is dry and flipped back over, the entire gem willl look like it has been painted!  Gems shown are painted with just 1 coat of polish on the back.

Add Pink Polish to back of Clear Glass Gemnail polish gems

back of clear glass gem with orange polish

3)  Allow gems to completely dry.  Then, flip over to reveal your new Colored Glass Gems!!  Match event, party, or wedding colors easily!  Best of all, NO BRUSHES to clean!

nail polish craft... paint back of gems with nail polish

Finished Clear Glass Gems

4)  Great for displaying on mirrors.

Colored Glass Gems around Candle on a Mirror

5)  Make Nail Polish Gems into Jewelry by adding pin backs or tie tacks.  Or try a magnet!  Here is a link:

nail polish gem jewelry

More Ideas:  Paint top of glass gems too!  Add flowers, dots, stripes, initials, & more!

colored glass gems with flowers and dots

*We found that more expensive nail polishes covered gems better in 1 coat.  A few of our favorites were:  essie & Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.

Find Clear Glass Gems & other Supplies HERE

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