Custom Foam Shapes All Colors

Custom Foam Shapes

We have always made our Foam Shapes right here in the U.S.  However, now you can choose the color(s) you need!  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!!!  Choose from our huge selection of custom made Circles, Squares, Flowers, Stars, Hearts, Vehicles, Animals, Bugs, & Many, Many, More SHAPES!

Custom Foam Shapes All Colors

Small Foam Shapes make great game pieces!  These Small Tropical Fish are the perfect size for your next game.  Can be personalized with any permanent marker (just make sure you give the ink a few seconds to dry or it will smear on the craft foam.

Use Foam Shapes for making Patterns and Counting, & Sorting Activities.  Small Multi Star Shapes are perfecting for sorting and counting activities.

 Match Foam Shapes (Button Flowers or Mini Cars work great) to Bump Chenille Stems.  This is a great Toddler Activity!!!

Foam Flower Shapes and Multi Bump Chenille Stems

Foam Flower Shapes on matching Bump Chenille Stems

Add Large Foam Shapes to drinking straws. Time to party!

Large Foam Flower Shape Straws


Use Large Foam Shapes to decorate Foam Visors.

 Click here for step by step instructions for these fun Flower Visors!

Foam Visor with Large Foam Flowers Attached

Create a Matching Game with Foam Sheets & Shapes.  Lay assorted 9×12 Foam Sheets on counter and toddlers can put matching shapes on foam sheets!

Bright Assorted Foamies Sheets         Assorted Pastel Flower Foam Shapes

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