Attach Mini White Pom Poms to the Snow Globe with Mini Glue Dots... No mess!

Cute Foam Snow Globes

Although we are rapidly approaching Spring, a lot of the United States is still experiencing frigid Winter Weather and a lot of snow.  To cheer everyone up who is freezing we created this Snow Globe Craft.  Even if you are not freezing, this Snow Globe Craft (no water or mess required) is a perfect Winter Craft.  Made from Craft Foam, White Pom Poms, and a little bit of Baker’s Cotton this Snow Globe would look great as a magnet on the refrigerator or on any bulletin board.  Add the year or a child’s name to the base to personalize it.  We hope these Snow Globes provide a little winter cheer!

DIY: Snow Globe made with craft foam and pom poms

Located in North Idaho we have so much sympathy for all those who are back east and buried in snow and freezing temps.  We have experienced an extremely rare year here with very little snow and temps at least 10 degrees above average.  Two years ago this was the snow pile in front of our shop…

Jan 2013 snow in front of Inspire-CreateEven last year we had our parking lot plowed every week and the snow was around way into March.  This year has been such a different story.  Our parking lot has been plowed only once and the new John Deere tractor with a snow blower has only been used twice!  Even today as I look out the window the sun is out and the sky is blue without a single cloud.  Spring is definitely on the way but before we wrap up winter entirely, how about a cute Snow Globe Craft made out of craft foam and Pom Poms?!?

Simple Step-by-Step Instructions…

 With scissors cut a base for the circle out of Blue 2mm Craft Foam.  We cut our base about 1 3/4″ tall and 4 1/4″ long and angled each side.

Use scissors to cut a base for the snow globe out of blue craft foam

Attach a 4″ Baby Blue Craft Foam Circle to the craft foam base with a 1/2″ Glue Dot.  Press to secure the circle to the foam base.  Pre-cut 4″ Circles are sold here or cut your own out of 2mm craft foam.  Warning… it is hard to cut a “perfect” circle with scissors.

Attach 4" Foam Circle to base for snow globe craft.

Next, add a Large Snowflake Shape to the center of the circle with a 1/2″ Glue Dot.  We used a hot pink snowflake below, however, Snowflake Shapes also available in Lavender, Purple, White, and Pastel Assortments.  Add the Glue Dot to the center of the snowflake shape and press to secure to the craft foam circle.

Add a Large Snowflake to the center of the Snow Globe.

Embellish the base of the Snow Globe with a little Baker’s Cotton.  Simply wrap the bakers cotton around the base several times and tie off the ends on the back of the snow globe.

Wrap the Snow Globe Base with Baker's Twine.

Attach a small Snowflake to the left side of the base (on the top of the Baker’s Cotton) and finish with a little button.  The snowflake and button can be attached with Mini Glue Dots.

Add a Small Snowflake Shape and Mini Button to the Baker's Cotton.

Now the fun part…  Make it snow!!!  Attach Mini White Pom Poms to a roll of Mini Glue Dots and then simply press them onto the Snow Glove around the Large Snowflake.  Press to secure the pom poms to the craft foam.

Attach mini pom poms to craft foam with Mini Glue Dots!

Attach Mini White Pom Poms to the Snow Globe with Mini Glue Dots... No mess!

This next step is optional….  Make the Snow Globe into a great Refrigerator Magnet by adding a 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnet to the back of the circle.  Simply peel and stick the magnet to the craft foam.

Add a 1" adhesive craft magnet to the back of the snow globe for a great refrigerator magnet!

The base of the snow globe can be personalized with the year or a child’s name.

Supplies Needed for these Cute Snow Globes…

Supplies needed for Cute Craft Foam Snow Globes!

  • 4″ Baby Blue Foam Circles
  • Blue 2mm Craft Foam
  • Large and Small Snowflake Shapes
  • Baker’s Cotton
  • Mini White Pom Poms
  • Mini and Craft Glue Dots
  • Mini Buttons
  • Optional:  1″ Adhesive Craft Magnets

Shop for these Supplies & More here:


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