Easy Butterfly Necklaces...DIY!

DIY…Butterfly Necklaces

Inspired by a recent purchase of our adorable Small Butterfly Shapes, these necklaces are fun and easy to make!  Simply attach the small butterflies to 2″ Foam Circles, add a mini button, embellish with polka dots, and string with Bakers Cotton.  If you haven’t made any crafts with Baker’s Cotton, let us just say this stuff is amazing!  It’s inexpensive and makes a great addition to scrapbook pages, foam crafts, and of course, it’s perfect for making necklaces!  These Butterfly Necklaces are soft, light weight, inexpensive, assembled with Glue Dots (so there is no messy glue needed), and perfect for any summer party or event!

Easy Butterfly Necklaces...DIY!

Here’s How to Make Butterfly Necklaces…

Begin by attaching a Small Butterfly Shape to the center of a 2″ Foam Circle.   Using about 3) Mini Glue Dots (1 for the center of the butterfly and 2 for the wings) press to attach to the circle.  Make sure to place the butterfly in the exact place you want it before pressing down.

Butterfly Necklaces...attach Butterflies to Foam Circles with Mini Glue Dots.

Once the butterfly is attached to the circle it will be very difficult to remove it.  Glue Dots provide an instant secure bond and are a great “no mess” alternative to any liquid glue!

Butterfly Necklaces...attach butterfly with mini glue dots

Next, attach a Mini Button to the center of the Butterfly.  Mini Glue Dots work perfectly for these Mini Buttons!

Butterfly Necklaces...add a mini button!

With a Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie Marker, draw 2 butterfly antennae directly on the foam circle (as shown below).  Then, add small dots to the tips of each antennae.

Add Butterfly Antenna with a Sharpie Marker

Who doesn’t love a few Polka Dots?!?  With a Fine Point Sharpie Marker add a few random polka dots around the foam circle.

Butterfly Necklaces...add a few polka dots with a sharpie marker!

Time to add some Baker’s Cotton Thread for hanging.  First, hole punch the center of the circle with a 1/8″ Single Hole Punch.  Make sure to stay away from the edge of the craft foam.

Butterfly Necklaces...hole punch foam circle for hanging!

Cut a 28″ piece of Baker’s Cotton, fold in half, and thread the looped end through the hole on the foam circle.  Once the “loop” is through the hole, feed the ends back through the loop and pull to secure to the foam circle.  Then simply tie the ends of the baker’s cotton.  Be careful when pulling the baker’s cotton through the hole in the craft foam.  Pulling to forcefully can cause damage to the foam.

Hole Punch Foam and add Baker's Cotton to make easy Necklaces! See how easy that was?  These Butterfly Necklaces are a perfect summer craft for birthday parties or any craft time.  We carry a full line of custom foam shapes (cars, paw prints, stars, hearts, trains, etc) that can be used with these same instructions.  Want more bling?  Try using Stick on Rhinestones instead of Mini Buttons!  We are certain that no matter how you make these necklaces they are sure to be a hit!

DIY...Butterfly Necklaces! Easy to make and fun to wear.

List of Supplies Needed:

Here is a link for one stop online shopping:  www.craftsuppliesforless.com

Inspire-Create / Craft Supplies for Less, Inc.

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