Easy to Make Glitter Hearts with Craft Foam

DIY: Easy Glitter Hearts

Add a little sparkle this Valentine’s Day with Red Glitter Hearts!  We found a simple way to make Craft Foam Hearts into Glitter Hearts… Use E6000 Spray Adhesive!   Spray the craft foam hearts with a thin layer of adhesive.  Then pour red glitter on top of each heart.  FYI: For hanging glitter hearts, hole punch (with a 1/8″ hole punch) before spraying with adhesive.

Easy to Make Glitter Hearts with Craft Foam

Kids love glitter but let’s face it…it can be messy.  Here are a few tips to help contain the mess!  #1  Use E6000 Spray on Adhesive.  It has NO odor, dries clear and permanent and pretty fast too!  Spray the Craft Foam Hearts with E6000 adhesive and then sprinkle with Red Glitter.  #2 Fold a piece of copy paper in half and place it under the hearts.  The paper will catch all the extra glitter and the fold will allow you to pour it right back in the bottle!

E6000 Spray Adhesive on Craft Foam Hearts

Tip:  Don’t spray the adhesive on the paper you will use to collect the glitter!  Use a piece of cardboard under the foam hearts.  Then transfer the hearts to a piece of folded paper and cover with red glitter.

Add Glitter to Craft Foam Hearts

 Since the craft foam doesn’t really absorb the adhesive, it has to dry on the surface.  Allow the Glitter Hearts to dry for at least 10-15 minutes before handling. Once dry, remove hearts, fold the paper to collect all the glitter, and pour back in the bottle.

Glitter Hearts with Craft Foam

Once Glitter Hearts are dry, add Natural Twine or Baker’s Twine for hanging.

Easy to Make Hanging Glitter Hearts

Make double-sided Glitter Hearts by spraying the back side and repeat the steps above.  Once glitter is added to the hearts, they no longer look like simple Craft Foam Hearts!  Super light-weight and ready to add sparkle this Valentines’ Day!

Easy to Make Hanging Glitter Hearts

Once Last Tip:  Spray the top of the glitter with Hair Spray to set glitter and keep it in place!  Then hang the hearts on a lighted flower for lots of sparkle.

Hang Glitter Hearts on lighted flowers for a great Valentine's Decoration!

Use the Glitter Hearts to create a fun Valentine’s Mantel…

Happy Valentine's Day Mantel Idea with Glitter Hearts

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