DIY.. Foam Visors with Snowflakes for your next frozen party!

DIY…Foam Snowflake Visors

If you are looking for a great Birthday or Girl Party craft, these Black Foam Visors with Hot Pink Snowflakes may just do the trick!  There is no cutting, messy glue, or drying time required for this craft.  Kids of all ages can create their snowflake visor and it will be ready to wear as soon as they are done!

DIY..  Foam Visors with Snowflakes for your next frozen party!

 We have recently been faced with the dilemma that our manufacturer of foam visors has decided to no longer produce the quality of visor required to meet our corporate standards.  Therefore, with all remaining quality visors we will be creating great kits (like these).  Unfortunately, these kits will only be available until our stock of thick 3mm Foamies Visors is gone.   All that said, here is our design for the remaining Black Foamies Visors…Hot Pink Snowflake Visors for Kids!

Black Foam Visors with Hot Pink and White Snowflakes

Here are a few simple instructions for assembling these Snowflake Visors:

Start by removing the vinyl coil from one side of the foam visor.  This will flatten the visor and make it much easier to attach the snowflakes and pom poms.   FYI:  the coil is easily re-attached after the decorating is done.

Remove vinyl coil from black visor to flatten.

Next, layout the design you wish to create.  We placed the Large Hot Pink Snowflake in the center and a few Small Snowflake Stickers on each side.

Create an Easy Snowflake Foam Visor.

When you have created the look you like (feel free to use our idea), simply peel and stick the small white snowflakes to the foam visor.  Wait to attach the large pink snowflake if you want to wrap it in Hot Pink/White Baker’s Cotton (included in the visor kit).  To wrap the center of the large snowflake, go across the center and then rotate to the right and continue to wrap until you have went around the center of the snowflake 2 times.  Tie the ends of the bakers cotton on the back of the snowflake to secure.

Wrap the center of a foam snowflake with baker's cotton!

Once the center of the Hot Pink Snowflake is wrapped with Baker’s Cotton, attach it to the foam visor with a 1″ Glue Line or 1/2″ Glue Dot.

The back of the hot pink snowflake with a glue dot.

Make sure to tuck in the ends of the twine under the Glue Dot.  Press firmly to secure the snowflake to the foam visor.

Attach foam snowflakes to foam visor with glue dots.

Now you can really make it snow by adding a few Mini White Pom Poms to the center of the Small Snowflakes.  To do this with no mess or drying time, use Mini Glue Dots!

Snowflake Visors...attach pom poms to visor with mini glue dots.

At this point, you can re-attach the vinyl coil to the side of the foam visor.  Here is the visor creation you will see…

Easy Snowflake Visors for Kids Craft!

Why stop there, though?!?  How about adding a few more mini pom poms to the visor?  Just attach them to Mini Glue Dots and press them onto the visor to secure.

Black Foam Visors with Hot Pink and White Snowflakes

Let your creativity go and add a little Baker’s Cotton to a few of the Mini Pom Poms simply by hanging it around the pom poms and pulling it tight to secure.  The Mini Glue Dot behind the pom pom will hold the thread in place.

Snowflake Visors for Kids...add baker's cotton to pom poms.

Here is a look at the completed Snowflake Visor with all the ideas shown above:

Snowflake Visors that kids can make!

Craft Supplies Needed:

Purchase all the supplies need to make 10 visors w/ just one click:

Shop:  Craft Supplies for Less, Inc.


Inspire-Create/Craft Supplies for Less, Inc.

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