Easy to Make Apple Sign w/ Craft Foam

Easy Hanging Apple Sign

Last week we purchased our 1st gallon of fresh apple cider from the Harvest House at Green Bluff.  Well, actually we bought 3 gallons!  It was just pressed the night before from fresh picked apples.  What a treat!  We call it “liquid gold” because it is so amazing.  While pumpkins are already starting to make their debut (Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back), apples are often overlooked this time of year.  So we came up with an apple craft to help us remember how amazing fresh apples are!

Fresh Apple Cider from the Harvest House

This easy apple sign is made from both 2mm and 6mm craft foam.  It’s super light-weight and can be hung on any wall or door.   It’s assembled with Glue Dots so there is no drying time or mess.  Then embellished with a few large buttons and a Sharpie Marker.  Step by step instructions and all the supplies you will need are listed below.

Easy to Make Apple Sign w/ Craft Foam

Let’s get started making this sign…

Start by cutting a piece of 6mm Craft Foam into a 7×12″ (this just requires trimming about 2 inches off the long side) rectangle.  6mm Craft Foam Sheets are sold in 9×12″ pieces, however, we thought the sign looked better with just a few inches trimmed off the bottom of the sheet.  Scissors or some paper cutters will cut 6mm craft foam sheets.

Cut 6mm Craft Foam for Apple Sign

Using a Brown Sharpie Marker, add polka dots all the way around the white craft foam.  The marker will dry really fast on the craft foam, however, be really careful while you are applying the dots not to smear it.

Add Polka Dots to Craft Foam with Sharpie Markers

Next, lay out the Apple Shapes on the white craft foam before attaching them to make sure they are where you want them.  You can also add 5 cent shapes to the sign.

Easy to Make Apple Sign w/ craft foam shapes

Once all the shapes are laid out of the white craft foam, use Glue Dots to secure the apples and the 5 c to the foam.  We used 3 Glue Dots per Apple and Mini Glue Dots to attach the 5 c to the sign.  If you haven’t tried Glue Dots before, let us just say, they are amazing!  They have an instant secure bond with no mess or drying time needed.

Attach Apple Shapes to Craft Foam with Glue Dots

Next, add the twine for hanging.  Since 6mm Craft Foam is too thick to hole punch, use a Jumbo Paperclip (open up the end) and press through the top right and left corners of the white foam.

Use a jumbo paperclip to punch 6mm craft foam

Once the holes are “punched”, use the jumbo paperclip to press the twine through each hole.  We used a 16″ piece of twine to hang the Apple Sign.

Use a Jumbo Paperclip to press Twine through Craft Foam

Next, tie off each end on the back of the craft foam.Tie off twine on the back of the craft foam.

Give your Apple Sign a final touch… add a few Jumbo Buttons to each apple shape!  Use Glue Dots for this as well.

Add Jumbo Buttons to Apples

Hang your Apple Sign and enjoy!  Since this sign is made from Craft Foam its super light-weight and can be hung with a small nail, suction cup, or hook on any wall, door or even in a window!  This is a fun weekend craft that is simple and inexpensive to make.  Now if only apples were really only 5 cents each:)

DIY:  Apple Sign made w/ Craft Foam

Shopping List:

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