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Easy Button Magnets

As sad as it is to say, summer is rapidly coming to an end.  Really hard to believe we are already in the month of August.  As stores begin to clearance all their summer items and replace them with aisles of school supplies it can only mean one thing.  It’s time to start thinking about the kids going back to school!  Well, how about a few Button Magnets for those School Lockers???  All it takes is a few large buttons and magnets!  Adhesive craft magnets or ceramic magnets work well.  This no mess craft takes only minutes to create and the buttons are sure to brighten up any space!  Make a great gift too.

How to Make Button Magnets

How to Make Button Magnets:

Starting with a pack (or 2) of our Large Bright Colored Buttons, simply peel and stick 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnets to the back of the buttons. These are a strong enough magnet to hold the button to any magnetic surface.  However, if you are wanting to also hold notes, shopping lists, photos, etc. with these button magnets, see below for a stronger magnet.

Peel and stick Adhesive Craft Magnet onto Craft Buttons

Our 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnets fit perfectly on the back of the large buttons.  There is no need for any additional adhesive either!

Magnets added to the backs of buttons

For a stronger hold magnet, we recommend the 3/4″ Smooth Finish Thin Ceramic Magnets.  Although these aren’t an adhesive magnet, they are easy to attach with just a Craft Glue Dot (1/2″ size)!  Simply attach the ceramic magnet to the Glue Dot and the add to the back of the button.

Use Glue Dots to secure Ceramic Magnets to the back of Large Buttons

With a thin ceramic magnet attached to the button there will be enough strength to hold additional items to a magnetic surface (photos, lists, etc.).

Button Magnets for School Lockers, Gifts, & More!

That is really all there is to these adorable Button Magnets!  These are a perfect quick craft to add a little color to a school locker, craft room, or kitchen.  Simple, Easy, and Fun…try making a few today.  We have packs of Bright Assorted Buttons starting at only $4.50 and a great selection of magnets to meet all your crafting needs!

Easy to Make Button Magnets!

Here is a list of Supplies Needed for these Button Magnets:

Find all the supplies you need online at:


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