Sheer ribbon at top for hanger

Fall Decor… Hanging Decoration

Back to school, football, apples, cooler weather, & a fun fall craft!  This hanging decoration is perfect for Fall!  Works on a wall, door, mirror, or window.  Made with 6mm Foamies Sheets (cut into 3×3 squares), Scrapbook Paper, Craft Buttons, Foam Leaf & Acorn Stickers, Mod Podge, and Sheer Ribbon its light weight and easy to hang!   Fall Craft - Door Hanger

  Supplies Needed:

Supplies Needed for Fall Wall Decoration or Door Hanger

Directions for Making Fall Wall Decoration or Door Hanger:

1)  Cut 6mm Thick Foam Sheets into 3×3″ squares or purchase pre-cut squares with pre-punched holes.  Cut scrapbook paper into 3×3″ squares as well.  Start by punching 3) squares with small holes in all 4 corners.  For the 4th square, only punch 2 holes at the top!  Since the 6mm foam is too thick to use a standard hole punch, you can use a large nail to create 1/8″ holes.

Place paper on top of foam square and flip over. Using a nail or plastic needle, poke thru the foam and paper to create a small hole in the paper (make sure it lines up with the hole in the foam).  Finally, using a 1/8″ hole punch, punch the small holes in the paper.  This step makes sure that all the holes are perfectly lined up and makes the hole a perfect circle on the front (the part that will show when the Fall Hanger is finished).

foam square with holes in corner

2)  Apply Mod Podge (we used Gloss Lustre Finish) to the top of the 3×3 Foam Square with a 1″ foam brush.

apply mod podge to 6mm foam square

3)  Attach 3×3″ square scrapbook paper to top of foam square.  We used all the same color paper for the 4 squares.  Be creative and try it with all different paper!  Apply another coat of Mod Podge directly on top of paper. FYI:  Mod Podge dries completely clear.  However, the brush markers will show as a clear texture on top of the paper.  Therefore, it is good to keep this in mind when applying Mod Podge.  Go from side to side with the brush.  For a “linen look”, apply side to side and top to bottom. Allow to completely dry.

apply mod podge to scrapbook paper

4)  Time to decorate the squares!  Start by adding a Foam Letter to each square.  Using a Mini Glue Dot, simply stick the letter to the center of the 3×3 square.

foam letter shape added with mini glue dot

 5)  Now the fun part, decorate with Foam Leaf & Acorn Stickers and Craft Buttons (use Glue Dots to attach easily with no drying time)!

add buttons and fall stickers to foam squares

6)  Next, connect the decorated foam squares with 1 1/2″ Sheer Ribbon (we used the color Ginger).  Cut 5 feet of sheer ribbon, thread ribbon through a large plastic needle (the kind sold for kids crafts), & tie a knot on the end.  Starting with the letter “L” in the upper left corner, pull the ribbon from the bottom of the square.  This will put the knot behind the foam.

sheer ribbon connecting foam squares

7)  Now atttach the next “L” foam square by going through the top of the square with the needle and ribbon.  Leave about 2″ of sheer ribbon showing in-between squares.

sheer ribbon connecting foam squares

8)  Continue the same pattern all the way to the top. Leave enough ribbon between the top “F” square for hanging.  About 6″ of ribbon works well.

Sheer ribbon at top for hanger

9)  Finish attaching all 4 squares.  Tie a knot at the end to secure.  Cut any excess ribbon.  Here is what the back should look like when finished connecting with ribbon.

back of fall wall hanger with ribbon attaching

10)  That’s it!  Time to enjoy the season change and celebrate Fall.  It’s so light weight you can hang it on a door knob, wall hook, or even with a suction cup on a mirror or window!

Fall Wall Decoration or Door Hanger

More Ideas:

  • This craft doesn’t just have to be for Fall…  Make with any word, name, event, theme, etc.  Then decorate accordingly.
  • Use different patterns of scrapbook paper for each square.
  • Add rhinestones, jewels, and glitter for sparkle.
  • Connect squares with Natural Twine instead of sheer ribbon.
  • Use photos instead of scrapbook paper!  Mod Podge is photo safe and can be applied right on the top of your photo.
  • Make a Christmas Wall/Door Hanger using (JOY, HOHO, NOEL), Red 6mm Foamies, Christmas Buttons, and Christmas Foam Stickers.

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