fall frame with stickers, gems, and post it notes

Fall Gift Idea… Thankful Frames

Using inexpensive Clear Bent Acrylic Frames, Scrapbook Paper, Post it Notes, and a few Painted Small Glass Gems, you can make these fabulous Fall Gifts!  We made two options (vertical with a Fall Poem and horizontal with stickers).  These are the perfect gift to give to friends and family on Thanksgiving.  This post it note frame doubles as a great fall decoration for your home.  Looks great on desks or in the kitchen for all those quick reminder notes we need.  Such a fun and festive post it note holder!  Makes a great teacher gift too!  Show thankfulness this Fall by giving this great gift others will enjoy!

fall acrylic frame holders for post it notes

 Just a few supplies needed~

supplies needed for post it note frame

Directions for Making Fall Acrylic Frames with Post it Notes:

1)  What make’s these frames so unique is the sparkling gems in the corner!  Start by painting the backs of Small Clear Glass Gems with a glitter nail polish.  We used a clear polish with gold glitter.  One coat will do the trick.  While the gems dry (it doesn’t take long) you can assemble the rest of the frames (scroll down for directions).

paint clear glass gems with glitter polish

2)  Once the first coat of glitter polish is dry, paint over the glitter (on the back of the gem) with the color of nail polish you would like the gem to be.  We used a metallic orange, yellow, and blue.  Apply a heavy coat of color nail polish and you shouldn’t need a second coat.  Let dry completely.

small clear glass gems painted with orange polish

Here is how the glass gems turned out:

painted small glass gems with glitter

 Directions for the Vertical Frame with Poem or Photo at Top: 

Now for assembling the frames!  Below there are 2 options for you to choose from.  First, we made a Vertical 5×7″ Bent Acrylic Frame using a Poem (created by my daughter who loves to write rhymes) and adding the post it note pack below the poem. You can use our poem*, write your own, or add a photo (kids photos are great for grandparents and family member gifts) to the top of the frame!

fall frame with glass gems, poem and post it notes


1)  Begin by cutting a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside the 5×7″ bent acrylic frame.  We used a Fiskars Paper Trimmer to cut the paper.

cut scrapbook paper with fiskars paper trimmer

  2)  Type a Poem* and cut a colorful piece of scrapbook paper to “frame” the poem.  *You may use our poem (as long as you give us credit as the source), create your own, or use a photo at the top of the frame.  Here is our poem:

Changing Leaves and Pumpkin Pies.

Let’s be Thankful guys!

Orange and Brown.

Scarves and Boots on the Town.

Coffee, Cider, Football (nice and loud),

always brings a crowd!


3)  Attach the poem or photo about 1″ from the top of the scrapbook paper with a few Glue Dots.   To create a frame for the post it note pack as well, cut a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2″ square piece of colored scrapbook paper and attach it to the scrapbook paper with a glue dot below the poem.  Make sure to attach this paper where you want the post it note pack to be on the acrylic frame.  Then slide the scrapbook paper and poem inside the bent acrylic frame.

fall give thanks poem for acrylic frame

4)  Using Glue Dots, secure the 3×3″ Post it Note Pack on the top of the Bent Acrylic Frame (centered on the frame and about 1/2″ from the bottom). This is done by adding 3 Glue Dots directly to the post it note pack and firmly pressing the pack into the frame.  To get the glue dots onto the back of the post it note pack, just place the Glue Dot roll onto the pack and release.  The Glue Dots will be attached to the back of the pack and ready to attach to the frame.

add glue dots to post it note pack

5)  Now it is time to attach our AMAZING sparkly Glass Gems to finish the frame!  Below you will see how the Gold Glitter Nail Polish with the Metallic Orange turned out!

orange sparkle glass gems made with nail polish

Simply stick each glass gem to a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot on the roll and then attach the gem to the corners of the acrylic frame!

add glass gems with glue dot to frame

6)  That’s it for the frame with the poem.  Here is how it turned out:

acrylic frame with fall poem and post it notes

Directions for the 7×5″ Horizontal Bent Acrylic Frame with Stickers:

For our 7×5″ Horizontal Bent Acrylic Frame, follow the directions above for painting the gems, cutting the scrapbook paper, attaching the post it note pack, and the gems.  The main difference is adding stickers instead of a poem or photo.  Below we added the stickers to the top and bottom of the frame, spelling “Give Thanks“.  We then added 3) small painted glass gems (yellow, orange, and a blue) in the lower left corner, 1) sparkly orange gem in the upper right corner, and a pack of post it notes off centered on the frame.   Here is how the horizontal frame turned out:

fall frame with stickers, gems, and post it notes

 These are great gifts for kids to make for grandparents and family members (especially with photos), teachers, and neighbors.  Such a creative way to hold Post it Notes and who doesn’t use a ton of these?  Best of all they are inexpensive gifts!  Make for other holiday’s and events.  Just change the colors for Christmas (paint gems with red, green, and white nail polish) and use Christmas Scrapbook Paper instead of fall colored paper.  Or you can make to match colors in your home!

Just for fun and since I had the camera out…  Here is a picture of Daisy & Buckeye’s contribution to this post.  Not sure they could get any cuter~

We think it’s the Painted Glass Gems that make this such a great finished frame!  Can’t wait to hear what you think!!!  Post a comment below and we will send you a coupon you can use to purchase the supplies needed to make your own frames~

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