Post-it Note Holder

 We are always looking for easy & fun crafts that kids can make and parents will enjoy. Here is all you need for this great Father’s Day gift idea!

 Supplies Needed:

1) 5×7 Bent Acrylic Frame

1) 3×3 Post it Note Pack

1) Craft Foam Sheet

2 ft) Metallic Blue Elastic

1) Ink Pen

1) Greeting Card or Photo


 Step by Step Instructions

1)  Add Metallic Elastic to the inside of the top of the frame.  It is easiest to bring the elastic up the back to the top.


  2)  Insert Greeting Card

  3)  Cut Craft Foam to 1 3/4 x 2 1/4″.  Fold in half and place between bent frame on right or left side.  Use Glue Dots or adhesive to secure the foam. 

 4)  Attach pack of 3×3 Post it Notes to the Frame.  We recommend securing with Glue Dots or Adhesive.


5)  Secure Metallic Elastic with Glue Dots or Adhesive of your choice.  Or you can tie a bow at the top of the frame to finish.  Add your father’s favorite pen & your done!  

 More Ideas: 

  • Change Greeting Cards for different events & holidays. 
  • Use Photo or Artwork instead of Greeting Card.
  • Decorate with Foamies Stickers.
  • Add Stick on Jewels!
  • Make a frame with a theme! Like your father’s favorite team, hobby (fishing, hunting, golfing, etc). 
  • Add Sport Pony Beads to the elastic at the top of the frame. 
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