red bow with white button headband. perfect for summer

Firework Hair Accessories w/ Ribbon

Something about the color red, pony tails, and fireworks that just screams SUMMER!  Not really sure where the red association comes from…maybe watermelon:)  Well all that said, how about a few red curly ribbon hair accessories (that remind us of fireworks) to hold all those pony tails this summer?!?  Below are 3 hair accessories (a headband, hair clip, and pony tail holder) so there is something for everybody.  The headband and hair clip do require just a little sewing, however, the pony tail holder is made simply by looping curly ribbon.  Creating these summer hair clips will be fun for all ages.  Not to mention we have made it easy with step by step instructions below!

red bow with white button headband.  perfect for summer

To get started making these hair accessories, we 1st need to bake the ribbon in the oven to make it curly!  Doesn’t that sound funny?  Yet it is so easy and fun to do!  For these bows, headbands, and pony tail holders, we used 3/8″ Red Saddle Stitch Ribbon.  Begin by securing the end of the ribbon to a 1/4″ wood dowel (unfinished) with a natural clothespin.  Wrap ribbon all the way down the dowel and secure the other end with another natural clothespin.  Here is what the ribbon should look like when it’s ready to be baked:

bake ribbon in the oven to make curly ribbon

Bake in an 275 degree oven for about 25 minutes.  Let dowels and ribbon cool before removing ribbon.  Once ribbon is cool, simply remove the clothespins and the ribbon will slide right off one end of the dowel…and it will be CURLY!

an easy way to make curly saddle stitch ribbon

Cut the ribbon into 4″ pieces (you should have 3 pieces per dowel).

cut small pieces of curly ribbon for hair bows

Here are the directions for making a Curly Ribbon Hair Clip w/ Star:

Tie 5) small pieces of curly ribbon together with a piece of embroidery floss.  Important:  do not trim the ends as you will use the excess floss to attach a foam star and button to the bow.

tie 5 pieces of curly ribbon with embriodery floss to make a small bow

With the excess embroidery floss, sew on a Small Craft Foam Star and a Button.  Once again, don’t trim the ends.

sew foam star and button to ribbon for great summer hair clips

tie embroidery floss to ribbon

Pull the excess thread to the back of the bow and use it to secure the bow to the hair clip.  First, thread both ends thru the clip, slide the bow down on the hair clip, place a small amount of low or multi temp glue on the top of the hair clip and then slide it into place.  Press to secure.

pull embroidery floss thru hair clip

slide ribbon to the end of hair clip before securingattach ribbon w/ star and button to hair clip

 Tie off the excess embroidery floss on the back of the clip and trim the excess.

tie ribbon and star to the back of hair clip

Here is the finished hair clip with curly ribbon, a foam star, and button:

red, white, and blue star and ribbon hair clip

Here are the directions for the Red Bow Headband:

Start by tying 5 small pieces (about 4″) of curly ribbon together with embroidery floss.  Then add a Large White Button to the center of the bow.

sew large button to curly ribbon for headband

Tie ends of embroidery floss to secure button to the bow.  Cut a  20″ piece of stretchy grosgrain ribbon and tie the ends together for the headband.  Sew the bow to the center of the elastic grosgrain and this headband is ready to wear!

sew ribbon bow to stretchy ribbon for an easy headband

red bow with white button headband.  perfect for summerDirections for a Red Ribbon (Firework) Pony Tail Holder:

Cut a variety of small curly ribbon pieces (from 4-6″).  Cut an 8″ pieces of stretchy grosgrain ribbon and tie ends together to create a loop.  Pull to secure.  Begin looping curly ribbon around the stretchy grosgrain.  Simply fold in half, place under stretchy ribbon, and pull ends back thru to secure.

add curly ribbon pieces to stretchy hair tie

easy "firework" pony tail holders

Repeat until all the elastic ribbon is covered with curly ribbon.  This pony tail holder is ready to wear!  It’s perfect for the 4th of July, Memorial Day or any hot summer day!

easy ribbon pony tail holder

Here is a list of the Supplies Needed for these Hair Accessories:

*We used 3/8″ Red Saddle Stitch Ribbon, however, satin, grosgrain, or double face satin ribbon will also work!

Please tell us what you think!  We would love to hear from you~


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