Glitter Easter Eggs in a Basket

Glitter Easter Eggs with Flowers

Make this Easter “sparkle” with these adorable Glitter Easter Eggs with Flowers!  These eggs make the perfect table decoration for Easter dinner and are so easy to make.   All it takes is a dozen eggs (real or plastic), assorted glitter, Glue Dots, and a few Buttons.  You won’t even need messy dye.   Glue Dots adhere securely to the egg shells with no drying time required.  Create flower shapes with only 4-5 Glue Dots per egg.  Then attach a button to the center to finish off the sparkling flower.  Kids of all ages will love making these and they will look great in any Easter Basket!

Flower Easter Eggs with Glitter

 Let’s get started.  First, you will need to hard boil the eggs for about 20-30 minutes.  Drain and rinse with cool water.  Dry eggs completely.  Once the eggs are warm to the touch & dry, begin by attaching the 1/2″ Craft Glue Dots to one side of the egg.  Glue Dots will adhere to cold eggs as well, however, they must be completely dry.  Use either 4 or 5 (depending on the shape of flower you like).  If you have never used Glue Dots, then we have to warn you… you are going to LOVE them.  There is no drying time needed and they are super sticky and easy to use!

add glue dots to hard boiled eggs

Sprinkle Glitter over the Glue Dots to cover.   Here are a few hints when working with glitter:  fold a piece of copy paper in half and place a small bowl on top of the paper.  Set the egg in the bowl and pour the glitter over the Glue Dots.  The remaining glitter will be in the bowl.  When you are done with the glitter, pour it onto the folded paper and then back into the glitter bottle.  For extra coverage, roll the Glue Dots in the bowl of glitter or use a small spoon to scoop the glitter from the bowl.

pour glitter on easter egg

To remove excess glitter from the egg we used a small foam brush and then blew on the egg.  This can be done over a small garbage can to create less mess…  Once the excess glitter is removed from the egg it’s time to attach the small craft button to the center of the glitter flower.  Use a Mini Glue Dot to attach the small button.  It’s so easy… just press the button into the Mini Glue Dot, remove it from the roll, and attach it to the center of the “glitter flower” on the egg.

attach button to easter egg with glue dot

Look how easy that was!  You can also try a few “polka dot eggs” using the same 1/2″ Craft Glue Dots.

Flower Easter Eggs with Glitter and Buttons

Now how about a few more colors?  We did Hot Pink, Purple, and Lime Flower Easter Eggs just for fun and displayed them in a cute white basket lined with white paper “grass”.

Easy Glitter Flower Easter Eggs

These would make a great table decoration for Easter Dinner!  No one will ever know how easy they were to make either…

Glitter Flower Easter Eggs

 Time to go shopping for a few supplies needed!

Shopping List:

Find Glitter, Glue Dots, & Buttons HERE

Please tell us what you think!  Comment below.  Also, we would love to see your Easter Egg creations!  Post photos on our facebook page!  In return, we will send you a special fan only coupon.



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