Flower Magnet for Mom... add a rhinestone to the center of the flower sticker.

Flower Magnet for Mother’s Day

This Flower Magnet is the perfect gift for kids to make and give to mom this Mother’s Day!  It’s inexpensive to create and doesn’t require any cutting or drying time!  Just peel and stick Flower Stickers to pre-cut Craft Foam Rectangles and personalize with permanent markers.  Attach a 1″ Adhesive Magnet to the back and these Flower Magnets are ready to give to Mom.  Good for Grandma’s too.  Just change the top:)

Mother's Day Flower Magnet that Kids can make!

There is no cutting or drying time needed for this craft if you use pre-cut Craft Foam Rectangle made right here in the USA and Foamies Flower Stickers!   Not to mention this is the perfect classroom craft. Oh and we should mention that it’s inexpensive (less than .75 cents per flower magnet if making around 30).  One pack of Flower stickers is only $2.75 and includes 40 flowers (enough for 13 magnets).  The Foam Rectangles are $3.00 per pack of 10.  Adhesive Craft Magnets are sold in packs as small as 25 for $4.00.

Attention Teachers… If you are doing this craft as a group, we recommend writing “Mom…You’re the brightest flower in the bunch!” on the foam rectangles prior to letting kids attach the Flower Stickers.

Now Let’s Get Started…

Begin with the White Craft Foam Rectangle (the one below is 4×5″ cut from a 6mm thick Craft Foam Sheet).  Using a Sharpie or any permanent marker write Mom…You’re the brightest flower in the bunch!”.  Make sure you give the ink just a few minutes to dry so it doesn’t smear on the craft foam.  It is really easy to write on craft foam, just remember not to press down too hard or hold the marker in one place too long:)

Mom...You're the brightest flower in the bunch! Craft magnet idea for Mother's Day!Next, have students/kids layout the flowers in the order they would like on the foam rectangle.  It is important to do this prior to sticking them down so they all fit right on the foam.

Flower Magnet Idea for Mother's Day

Once all the flowers and stems are laid out in the desired order, attach the stickers to the craft foam simply by peeling and sticking!  Press to secure.

Flower Magnet for Mom... Peel & Stick Flowers to Craft Foam

Using a Sharpie or any other permanent marker (Foamies makes good markers too), let kids add some dots randomly on the white craft foam.  We used a Pink Sharpie to add dots to the corners and by the flowers.

Mother's Day Flower Magnet for Kids to Make

With a Yellow (or whatever color flower is in the center) Marker, add small lines around the flower for the “Brightest” flower!

Mother's Day Gift... Add yellow Sharpie to the brightest flower

Attach a 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnet to the back of the Flower Magnet.  Simply peel the white paper backing off the magnet and press onto the craft foam to secure.  One magnet is plenty to hold the Flower Magnet on any magnetic surface, however, if you would like the magnet to be able to hold additional papers, photos, etc, attach several magnets to the back.

Flower Magnet. attach adhesive craft magnet to the back

This step is optional:  Add a sparkling 12mm Crystal Rhinestone to the center of the middle flower “the brightest flower” with a Mini Glue Dot.

Flower Magnet for Mom... add a rhinestone to the center of the flower sticker.

Finally, finish the outside edge of the white craft foam rectangle with dots and small lines using an Orange Sharpie Marker.  Kids may want to only add lines or dots.  Any design they choose to finish the Flower Magnet will look great!

Mom...You're the brightest flower in the bunch...Flower Magnet Idea

Mom’s everywhere are sure to love this Flower Magnet made by their kids!  It can be displayed on any metal surface (refrigerator, filing cabinet, magnet board, etc)!  You can also have students write their name and the year on the magnet as well for a special keep sake.

Flower Magnets for Mother's Day!



“Craft Recipe”:

  1. Write “Mom…You’re the brightest flower in the bunch!” on pre-cut white foam rectangles.
  2. Attach 3 Flower & Stem Stickers to the white craft foam.
  3. Add Pink Dots with a Sharpie Marker in random places on the craft foam.
  4. Draw small lines around the center flower.
  5. Attach a 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnet to the back of the craft foam.
  6. Draw small lines and dots around the edge of the white craft foam rectangle.
  7. Optional:  add a 12mm Crystal Rhinestone to the middle of the center flower.




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