Nail polish jewelry made with glass gems

Nail Polish Gem Jewelry

Paint Clear Glass Gems with Nail Polish & create amazing Jewelry!!!  Simply paint a design (flower, heart, shape) on the back with a Large Clear Glass Gem with nail polish.  Let dry.  Then cover the entire back of gem with another color of polish.  Attach a 3/4″ Silver Pin Back, Tie Tack, Ceramic Magnet, or Jewelry Bail with E6000!  This is a perfect craft for parties and groups.  The creativity is endless!  Kids will love this craft too!  Glass Gem Jewelry makes a great Mother’s Day Gift!

Nail polish jewelry made with glass gems

 Supplies Needed: 


Directions for Making Glass Gem Jewelry:

1)  Clean both sides of clear glass gem.  Paint a small design of your choice on the back.  Here are a few ideas:  a flower, heart, tiny flowers, dots, or a shape!

Clear Glass Gem with Pink Heart Painted

Pink Flower on glass gem

2)  Allow to completely dry.  It only takes about 10-15 minutes.  Once the design is dry, cover the entire back of the glass gem with a different color polish.  When finished, the “design” will be covered by the background color.

Paint black polish over design on gem

White Nail Polish covering back of glass gem

3)  Allow the background color to dry completely.  Once dry, attach 3/4″ Silver Pin Back, Tie Tack, Ceramic Magnet, or Jewelry Bail to the back of the glass gem with E6000.

Attach jewelry findings to the back of gems with E6000

3/4" Silver Pin Back attached to Gem

4)  The E6000 will be dry within an hour or so.  Check first before wearing!  E6000 is a great adhesive that will hold securely and is flexible even once it dries.

We love this craft idea!!!  It is perfect for groups and parties!  Plus, what girl doesn’t have some extra nail polish laying around???  Creativity is endless for this craft!  For your next girl party, paint some glass gems instead of nails! These make such a great gift too!!!

Glass Gem Jewelry with Nail Polish

More Ideas:  Small Clear Glass Gems or Glass Gems with Hooks can also be painted!  For Small Glass Gems only a Tie Tack or Jewelry Bail will work.

Please tell us what you think!  Post photo’s of your creative gems on our facebook page!!!

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