Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs

These “Polka Dot” Glitter Easter Eggs are super easy!  Apply Glue Dots to dyed eggs and sprinkle with Glitter!  Glue Dots adhere to the egg shell with a strong hold.  Best of all there is no drying time!!!  Once glitter is applied, they are ready to display.  Great for all ages!!!

Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

We all know kids love GLITTER!  Parents not so much…  The thought of glitter brings images of fingers covered with glitter and glue. 🙂   So the best way to avoid this mess is to use… Glue Dots!  There is no drying time and they adhere to the egg shell with a strong permanent hold.  Eggs can then be rolled or sprinkled with glitter.  There you have it… Instant Glittery Easter Eggs!  All that’s left is cleaning up the excess glitter.  At least it is not covered in glue!  Enjoy!!!

Supplies Needed:

Glitter Easter Egg Supplies Needed

  • Glitter Shaker Bottles
  • Glue Dots
  • Eggs (real or plastic)
  • Food Coloring for Real Eggs
  • Foil, Paper Towels, Scrap Paper



Directions for Making Glitter Easter Eggs:

1)  If using real eggs, start by dyeing the eggs with food coloring.  Simply add about 1/2 c Boiling Water, 1 tsp Vinegar, and 10 drops of food coloring to a cup.

Eggs in yellow food color dye

 2)    When desired color is attained, remove egg from dye.  Place a piece of foil under several paper towels to protect surface.

Yellow dyed easter egg on paper towel

3)  Let egg dry completely!  Wrap egg in paper towel to remove any excess liquid.  Once dry, add 1/2″ Craft Glue Dots.  They will stick super easy to egg shell!!!  We simply rolled the egg over the Glue Dot roll.  This helped to keep the perfect circle shape of the dot. *Can use Plastic Easter Eggs instead.

Yellow Easter Egg with glue dots added

 4)  Now the fun part!!!  Sprinkle or roll in Glitter!  Fold a piece of copy paper in half, open paper, and sprinkle glitter in the seam.  When done applying glitter, simply fold paper and pour excess glitter back into shaker bottle.

Roll yellow egg with glue dots in gold glitter

 5)  That is it!!!  So fun and easy!

Gold Glitter Easter Egg with Polka Dots

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Use Craft and Mini Glue Dots for different size Glitter Polka Dots!
  • Apply Glue Dots to spell your initials or a letter.  Then place “Letter Eggs” in a bowl so they spell something (like Easter or your last name)!
  • Use Glue Dots to apply Mini Buttons, Ribbon, and more to Easter Eggs!
  • Use Glue Lines to create a Striped Easter Egg!

Glitter Easter Eggs with Glue Dots

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