Gone Fishing Game

Time to go fishing with these fun, colorful, & adorable little fish!  Fish are easily made by cutting and twisting Bump Chenille Stems.  Add wiggle eyes and make a few magnetic fishing poles with clothespins, twine, and mini ceramic magnets! That’s all you need for this fun Fishing Game.  The mini magnet on the end of the twine will attach to the wire inside the chenille fish for easy pick up.  No hooks required!  Makes a great matching game too!

Fishing Game made with bump chenille stems

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Chenille Fish and Magnetic Fishing Pole:

1)  Cut the “Bumps” from the Bumpy Chenille Stems to make the fish.  Cut each stem in the middle of the thinnest part.  The tiny wire in the center will attract to the magnet for easy fishing (no hook required).  A 12 pack of Multi Bump Chenille Stems will make 48 fish total (4 fish in each color).cut bumpy chenille stems to make fishbumpy chenille stems cut and ready for fish

2)  Bend small ends of chenille stem together (around the tip of your finger).  Then twist the ends to make the “fin” and secure shape.

bend chenille to make fish

3)  Using a Low Temp Glue Gun attach a 3mm Wiggle Eye to the each chenille stem fish. Optional:  add wiggle eyes to both sides of fish.  FYI:  3mm is really tiny, so barely press on the trigger of the low temp glue gun to get a small amount of glue for each wiggle eye. 

chenille stem fish with wiggle eyes added

4)  Time to make the magnetic fishing pole!  Using a regular size Clothespin, tie a 24″ piece of twine to the clamp.  You can also add a drop of glue to secure. On the opposite end of the twine, attach a Mini Ceramic Magnet with a Low Temp Glue Gun.  Hold magnet to the twine until it the glue cools and it is secure.

tie twine to clothespin to make fishing pole

attach mini ceramic magnet to twine with low temp glue gun

5)  Now it’s time to go fishing!  Place one fish of each color in a small paper sack or box.  Lay the additional fish on a table or counter top.  Have child pick a fish from the bag and then “fish” with the magnetic fishing pole for the match. 

magnetic fishing pole caught fish

 More Info:

  • One pack of Multi Bump Chenille Stems (12) will make 48 fish total (4 of each color).  Find these starting at only $1.20 per pack (click here).
  • Mini Ceramic Magnets are approximately 5/16″ across and caution should be taken to make sure toddlers and young children do not remove these from the twine.  They are a choking hazard.

More Ways to Fish:

  • Cut matching foam pieces, color a cube with matching colors, or make matching color cards for kids to draw.
  • Make pattern cards and have child “fish” for matching patterns.
  • Color Clothespins with markers, paint, or dye them with liquid watercolors.  Then have each child fish for the color that matches their fishing pole.
  • Place all fish in a box or sack and have child “guess” what color they will get.  Place the magnetic pole into the sack and see if their guess was right!

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