Easy Hanging Easter Eggs with Burlap Ribbon, Lace, and Craft Foam

Hanging Easter Eggs w/ Burlap Ribbon

This Easter try something new…Hanging Easter Eggs with Burlap Ribbon and Twine.  Made from Craft Foam Ovals and embellished with just a few simple craft supplies, these Easter Eggs are both simple and adorable!  Hang these eggs on an Easter Tree or a branch from the yard to create a unique centerpiece for your table. These would also make great tags or place setting “eggs”. Very simple to make with very little cutting required and no drying time when using Glue Dots to attach the burlap ribbon to the craft foam.  Try making something new this Easter!

Easy Hanging Easter Eggs with Burlap Ribbon, Lace, and Craft Foam

Our Oval Craft Foam Shapes are sold pre-cut and ready to decorate so all that needs trimming is the Burlap Ribbon and Lace.  Cut into 2″ pieces.  If doing this craft with a group, precut all the burlap and lace for easy assembly.  The burlap, lace, and buttons are attached to the craft foam with 1/2″ Glue Dots.  There is no mess and no drying time required!  Just press the glue dot onto the ribbon and attach to the oval craft foam!

DIY:  Hanging Easter Eggs with Craft Foam.  Hang from a branch for a perfect for an Easter Centerpiece!

Here are a few easy step-by-step instructions: 

Starting with pre-cut Oval Foam Shapes in assorted Pastel colors, attach a small 2 1/4″ piece of Natural Burlap Ribbon to the center of the “egg” with a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot.

DIY:  Hanging Easter Eggs...Burlap Ribbon and Craft Foam

Next, trim a small 2 1/4″ piece of Ribbon Lace (we used Robin Egg – Mint Green) and attach the lace in the middle of the burlap ribbon with another Glue Dot.  Press to secure.

Add Ribbon Lace to the center of Burlap Ribbon with a Glue Dot!

Thread a short piece of embroidery floss through a button.  We used an embroidery needle.  Now you can attach the button one of two ways…  1)  Use another Glue Dot or 2)  Sew the button on with the embroidery floss.  We trimmed the embroidery floss to the same length as the lace and used a Glue Dot to secure.  This way the back of the Hanging Easter Egg doesn’t show any stitches.

Hanging Easter Eggs...attach a button to the center with embroidery floss.

Trim any excess floss to the same length as the lace.

Craft Foam Eggs with Burlap & Lace Ribbon

Next, with a Single Hole Punch (a paper one will work for the craft foam) punch a 1/4″ hole at the top of the foam shape.

Hole punch the top of the craft foam oval to hang the Easter Egg.

Thread a short piece of Natural Twine through the hole and tie the ends.

Hanging Easter Eggs with Craft Foam.  Hang with twine.

These Hanging Easter Eggs make a great addition to an Easter Tree or any branch in a vase or container.  Try this as an Easter centerpiece on your table!  Use for marking place seatings or tags for Easter Gifts.  Yes, they can be personalized with Sharpie Markers (or any permanent markers)!

Hanging Easter Eggs with Burlap and Lace Ribbon.  Easy to Make!!!

Here is a List of Supplies Needed:

  • Pastel Oval Foam Shapes
  • Burlap Ribbon Spool
  • Robin Egg (Mint Green) Ribbon Lace
  • Assorted Pastel Buttons
  • Embroidery Floss
  • 1/2″ Craft Glue Dots
  • 1/4″ Single Hole Punch
  • Natural Twine for Hanging

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