Adorable Heart Tree w/ Hearts & Buttons as leaves

Hearts that Grow on Trees

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, however, no one ever said that Hearts couldn’t!  If they did, this Heart Tree is sure to prove them wrong…  Each tree branch features Small Foam Heart Shapes and Buttons.  We used Glue Dots to secure the shapes & buttons, which means there is no drying time or messy glue needed.  Add a ceramic magnet (with a Glue Dot as well) to the back and you’ll end up with a great Heart Magnet to keep or give away.  However you decide to use these, they are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages at your next craft event! 

Adorable Heart Tree w/ Hearts & Buttons as leavesSupplies Needed:

Directions for Making Heart Trees:

1.  Wrap Baker’s Twine around the Foam Tree Trunk and tie in the front to secure.

tie bakers twine around tree trunk

 2.  Attach Tree Trunk Shape to a 4×5″ White Foam Rectangle Shape with Mini Glue Dots.  Press to secure tree to foam rectangle.

attach mini glue dots to tree trunk

wrap baker's twine around tree trunk3.  Begin attaching the Hearts “leaves” to the branches in any order you would like.  Simply attach foam heart shape to a 1/2″ Glue Dot and press onto the tree branch.

add craft glue dot to heart foam shape

add hearts to tree branches

4.  We used 16) Hearts as leaves on the branches and 2) “falling” leaves by the tree trunk for a total of 18) Heart Shapes to make this Heart Tree.

heart shapes on tree branches5.  Now it’s time to add the Buttons to the heart shapes!  Simply press the buttons onto Mini Glue Dots and then press onto the center of the hearts.

add buttons to mini glue dots and then press onto heart shapes

add buttons to heart shapes on tree

6.  Flip over and add a Small Thin Ceramic Magnet to the back of the foam rectangle.  Use a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot to attach the magnet to the foam.

attach 3/4" ceramic magnet to back of foam

That’s it!  No drying time.  No mess.  Just plain, simple, and fun for kids to make.  These are a great “Make & Take” craft!

add buttons to center of heart shapes

Find Hearts, Trees, Buttons & Everything you need for these Heart Trees at:

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