Ladybug visor with black heart spots

Lady Bug Visor

These Lady Bug Visors are Perfect for Birthday Parties!  Add Black Heart Stickers as spots and they are a great Valentine’s craft as well!

Lady Bug Visor with Wiggle Eyes

Supplies Needed: 

Steps for Making Lady Bug Visors:

1)  Remove Vinyl Coil from one side of Visor. 

Red Visor with Strap Removed on One Side

2)  Cut 1 piece of Black Sticky Back Foam 1 1/2 x 9″.  Lay Visor flat on Black Foam against the 9″ side.  Trace around the brim of the visor with a pencil.  Cut out the traced black foam.

Cut Black Foam Sheet for Visor

3)  Attach Black Foam Cut-Out to top of Red Visor.  Just peel & stick!

Black Foam on Red Visor

4)  Cut out a piece of Black Foam 1/2 x 2 1/2″ & attach to the center of the Red Visor.

Add Stripe to center of Red Visor

5)  Peel & stick Black Foam Circle Stickers in any pattern on each side.  We did 3 of each side.  We also tried 4 plus a 1/2 of a circle on each side.  Either way looked good!

Add Black Dots to Lady Bug Visor

6)  Add 2) Sticky Back Wiggle Eyes to Black Foam on brim of Visor.

Add Wiggle Eyes to Lady Bug VIsor

7)  Re-attach Vinyl Coil to side of Visor.  That’s it!  Let the party begin!

Lady Bug Visor with Wiggle Eye Lashes

Optional:  Make with Sticky Back Wiggle Eyes w/ Lashes

More Ideas:

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  1. Craft Supplies for Less, Inc.
    Craft Supplies for Less, Inc. says:

    Thanks for asking! If an assortment of colors or Hot Pink would work for you, we could make enough kits for you for 40 Ladybug Visors. Unfortunately, Red Visors are sold out so we aren’t able to make the kits in red. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks again~

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