Ladybug Bottle Cap Magnets

Ladybug Bottle Cap Magnets

Another Nail Polish Craft… Adorable Lady Bug Magnets!  Made with Colorful Painted Bottle Caps, Black Nail Polish, Wiggle Eyes, and Medium Ceramic Magnets!  Paint the top of the bottle cap with a black head, stripe, and dots.  Then attach the ceramic magnet inside!  The nail polish dries quickly on the bottle cap.  Best of all – there are no brushes to clean!  Fun summer craft!

Supplies Needed:



Directions for Making Ladybug Bottle Cap Magnets:

1)  Since the bottle caps are already painted all you need to do is add the black polish!  Paint top of bottle cap (about 1/4″ from the top) with Black Nail Polish to create the “head” of the ladybug.

top of bottle cap painted black for lady bug head

2)  Next, paint a black stripe down the center of the bottle cap.

Paint black stripe down center of bottle cap

3)  Paint 3 black dots on each side of the stripe.  *Hint:  when you dip the brush into the nail polish don’t wipe excess polish from the sides of the brush.  Just carefully make dots on bottle cap.  For a “raised up” or 3D like dot, let the 1st coat dry and add additional nail polish to the dots.

Add black dots to ladybug magnet

4)  Allow nail polish to completely dry.  Attach 5mm Wiggle Eyes to the top of the bottle cap (the painted black head), with E6000.  Since a 5mm wiggle eye is super small, we suggest the following.  Unfold a small paperclip, place a few drops of E6000 on a piece of wax paper, foil, or cardstock, and use the end of the paperclip to add glue to the wiggle eyes.  Hint:  hold wiggle eye with needle nose pliers, add glue, and then easily place on bottle cap!

Add wiggle eyes to bottle caps with paperclip and E6000

Needle nose pliers with wiggle eye, adding E6000

add wiggle eye to bottle cap with needle nose pliers

5)  Once wiggle eyes are attached and glue has dried, flip over the bottle cap and attach a Medium Ceramic Magnet (3/4″ round) to the center ring of the bottle cap with E6000.  We found the medium ceramic magnet fit perfectly inside the inner ring of the bottle cap. Ceramic magnets are plenty strong enough to hold the bottle cap and additional papers, photos, etc!

ceramic magnet attached to inside of bottle cap

6)  Once E6000 dries, that’s it!

Ladybug Bottle Cap Magnets

Find Ceramic Magnets & Bottle Cap Supplies at:  HERE

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