Marshmallow Ornament with Sequins

Marshmallow Christmas Ornaments

Grab some Hot Cocoa and get ready to make these fun Marshmallow Ornaments with your friends!   Simply add a sequin & mini marshmallow to a Corsage Pin.  Then press each pin into a Styrofoam Ball until completely covered.  Sequins “sparkle” under your Christmas Lights.  No one would ever guess they are made with real marshmallows!  This is a super fun group craft.  These marshmallow ornaments will last for years and you will always remember making them.  Get started making Christmas Memories with these fun handmade ornaments!

how to make marshmallow ornaments

Supplies Needed: 

Directions for Making Marshmallow Ornaments:

1)  Add a 8mm Sequin & Mini Marshmallow to a Corsage Pin.

sequin and mini marshmallow on corsage pin

2)  Press Corsage Pin into 3″ Styrofoam Ball.  The stickiness from the marshmallow works as glue and holds the marshmallow in place.

sequin and marshmallow added to styrofoam ball

3)  Continue steps 1 and 2 making sure to cover all of the styrofoam ball.

add mini marshmallows to styrofoam ball

 4)  Cut a piece of Ribbon to about 8 1/2″ and make a loop.  Attach pin to ribbon.

add ribbon with corsage pin

5)  Press pin with ribbon into center of Styrofoam Ball.  Add Marshmallows around ribbon to secure and hide the end of the ribbon.

marshmallow ornament tutorial

6)  The Marshmallow Ornament looks great if you attach the sequins in random order.  Try not to put the same colors next to each other.  Takes about 1 hour per ornament.

ornament made with marshmallows

Optional:  Spray with Clear Spray Paint when finished.

Update:  It’s been nearly 2 years since we made this blog post and are happy to report our Marshmallow Ornaments are still looking great!

More Ideas: 

  • Use a 2″ Styrofoam Ball for a smaller ornament:
  • Use different size sequins
  • Make with all one color sequins
  • Make with Pastel Mini Marshmallows
  • Add a 5mm Sequin & a Spoke Sequin

Find these great supplies for your next Craft Day at:


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  1. John Walsh
    John Walsh says:

    Please do not make one of these if there is ever a remote possibility a pet may eat it. It can end in tragedy. Personal experience.

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