flower mason jar lids

Flower Lids for Mason Jars

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming soon and how better to encourage a teacher than with a thoughtful gift you made!  Here is a creative gift idea with this in mind.  Simply add foam circles to Mason Jar Lids to create adorable Spring Flowers, wrap the jar with Baker’s Twine, label with a white foam circle tag, and fill the jar with a special treat.  Our three samples include coffee, buttons, & bandages just to jump-start your creative minds.  However, there are many more possibilities for these jars!  How about your teachers favorite snack or candy?  Try Candy (jelly beans are super cute and colorful),  Crayons, Glue Sticks, Cookies, Gum Balls, Tea Bags, etc.  The creativity doesn’t have to stop there though…  Use these Mason Jars to organize a craft room or medicine cabinet.  No matter how you use them, these Flower Lid Jars are sure to make you smile every time you open them!

Mason Jar Gifts with Flower Lids & Bakers Twine

We started by adding 1″ Foam Circles to a white plastic mason jar lid and then a small craft button to the center.  Once the flower was secure, we wrapped the jar with 30″ of bakers twine, added a fun white tag (also made from craft foam and lined with a Silver Metallic Sharpie Marker), and then filled the mason jars with several different items!

Here are the Step by Step Instructions:

mason jars with flower lids and twine

If you have ever read our blog, you know that we are huge fans of Glue Dots!  They are so easy to use, don’t require drying time, and make terrific NO Mess Crafts!  That being said, to start off we attached 4) Brown 1″ Foam Circles to the top of the plastic mason jar lid (as shown below) with… you probably guessed it, 1/2″ Craft Glue Dots!

add brown foam circles with glue dots

We liked the look of the brown flowers with bright-colored centers.  However, you can choose the circle colors you like Here.add brown circles to mason jar lid with glue dots

To finish off the Flower Shape on the plastic lid, pick a color of your choice and attach it to the center of the brown circles.  We used a 1″ Hot Pink Foam Circle.

add flowers to your mason jar lidsTo the center of the flower, we added a Small White Craft Button with a Mini Glue Dot.  This is as simple and pressing the button onto the spool of Glue Dots and then attaching the button to the hot pink foam circle.

add buttons with mini glue dots

Here are a few of our finished lids…

flower mason jar lids

That’s it for the Flower Lid.  Now it is time to make the “tags” out of 1″ white craft foam circles.  To make them look like a silver lined paper tag, we took a Silver Metallic Sharpie Marker and lined the edges of each circle.

line white foam circles with a silver marker for tags

Next, using a 1/8″ single hole punch (yes, a regular one for paper will punch 1 tag made out of craft foam) punch a hole at the top of each tag.

hole punch craft foam tags for hanging

Using assorted colored Sharpie Markers (we the same colors as the center of the flowers and the twine) write the name of the item you will be storing in the Mason Jar.  We made tags for coffee, buttons, and band-aids.

make tags for mason jars with craft foam and sharpies

When the hanging tags are finished, cut 30″ pieces of Baker’s Twine in the colors of your choice.  This will be enough twine to wrap around the top of the jar about 3 times and leave a little extra for hanging.  We chose to match the Baker’s Twine with the colors we used for the center of the flowers.

bakers twine for wrapping mason jars

Wrap the Baker’s Twine around the top of the mason jar just under the lid and attach the tag.  We tied it in a double knot, however, you can make a bow if you cut the twine longer than 30″.  It takes about 10″ of twine to go around the jar one time.  So if you would like the twine wrapped more, simply cut an additional 10″.  Here is a picture of our finished Mason Jar filled with buttons (a great way to organize a craft room):

wrap mason jar with bakers twine and add a tag

For our next jar we filled it with coffee.  Perfect for the kitchen and makes a great Teacher Appreciation Gift!  Here is how it turned out:

mason jar with a flower lid filled with coffee

Finally, to inspire you to organize your medicine cabinet, we made one jar and filled it with bandages!

flower lid on a mason jar filled with bandages

Although we are suggesting these jars as teacher gifts, they can be for many other purposes!  They are also perfect for organizing anything from craft rooms to medicine cabinets.  For craft rooms they are a great way a fun and clean way to display buttons and pom poms.   In a medicine cabinet, the pint size jars Mason Jars hold bandages, cough drops, cotton balls, ointments, medical tape, and more.  Plus, since they are clear jars they make it easy for everyone to find what they are looking for!  

The white plastic lids are great because they are one piece, easy to wash, and can be decorated.  We found them at our local Ace Hardware store in the cooking and canning section.  They are available in a 8 pack for only a few dollars.

supplies for making flower lids

Shopping List:

Please share a comment on how you plan to use your filled Mason Jars!  Also, we would love to see you creations.  Feel free to post pictures on our facebook page.



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