Tied silver elastic cord to jewelry bails on mirrors

Mirror Garland

Add some bling and sparkle to your patio, fireplace mantel, or tree this holiday season with this easy to make Mirror Garland!  All you need is Craft Mirrors, Stick on Rhinestones, Metallic Elastic Cord, Jewelry Bails, and E6000.  Mirror garland is double sided and looks amazing on a porch railing or hanging from a gazebo.  Great for weddings!  Enjoy lots of reflections from these mirrors and rhinestones!

Mirror Garland with square mirrors and cord

Supplies Needed:Supplies Needed to make Craft Mirror Garland


Directions for Making Mirror Garland:

Mirror Garland can be made with Square, Round, and Oval Craft Mirrors.  These are glass mirrrors and should be handled carefully.  Before attaching mirrors to jewelry bails, lay out the mirrors in the pattern you would like to create.  You will need 2 mirrors of each size to glue together (this will make the garland double-sided).   Our example is made with 1″ and 2″ Square Mirrors.  However, you can use the directions below to make a mirror garland with round or oval or any combination of mirrors!

1)  Begin by attaching a Silver Jewelry Bail to the center of craft mirror with E6000.  E6000 is an amazing strong adhesive that will self level so make sure you don’t apply to much.  Just a small drop will do.  Press the Jewerly Bail onto the back of the mirror.

mirror with jewelry bail attached with e6000

2)  Next, apply E6000 to the back of the craft mirror and jewelry bail.  Press matching craft mirror on top and allow to dry.  E6000 is a strong hold adhesive that will dry flexible.  This is really helpful when working with glass or mirrors!  Continuing gluing mirrors together with E6000 until you have them all attached.  For a 5 feet Mirror Garland it will take 6) 2″ Squares and 4) 1″ Square Mirrors glued together.

cover back of mirror with e6000

mirrors with jewelry bails attached

3)  While the mirrors are drying, you can add some bling with Stick on Rhinestones!  These are available in many colors (Red, Royal, Emerald, Purple, Hot Pink, Iridescent, Crystal, Lavender, & more)!  We used Crystal 5mm Stick on Jewels.  These are sold in a pack of 200 and are loose with paper backing.  Simply peel and stick the rhinestones, in any pattern you would like, onto the craft mirrors.  FYI:  these are super tiny rhinestones (less and 1/4″ around).  We have been told they are really difficult to work with if you have artificial nails.

Glass Mirrors with stick on rhinestones and jewels attached

4)  Once the mirrors are dry, cut Silver Metallic Elastic Cord to the length you would like your Mirror Garland to be.  You may want to consider how many mirrors you have made.  For our example, we cut a 5 foot piece of cord, tied the first mirror about 12″ from the end, and tied each additional mirror every 6-7″.  This will leave just a little more than 12″ of cord at the end of 5 mirrors (if not, it can be trimmed to 12″).

Tied silver elastic cord to jewelry bails on mirrors

5)  Continue tying mirrors along the elastic cord until you have reached the end.

attach elastic cord to mirrors and jewlery bails

That’s it!!!  Display on a fireplace mantel.

Mirror Garland on Fireplace Mantle

For Christmas, make a mirror garland for your tree!  Mirrors and lights!!! What could be better? 

Enjoy a Mirror Garland outside on your patio, gazebo, or deck railing too! 

Mirror Garland for a Wedding.  Love it!

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