Joy Mirror Ornament on White Vase

Mirror Ornament & Door Hanger

For all you “Christmas in July” fans here is an Easy Craft Mirror Ornament!  For others who are enjoying summer and can’t even imagine thinking about Christmas in the month of July, this mirror craft can be used as a year round door hanger or decoration.  Made with Craft Mirrors, Bottle Caps, Rhinestones, and Glue Dots.  No drying time needed!  Great “Make & Take” Craft.  It looks amazing on a vase or use to decorate a wine bottle!

Joy Mirror Ornament on White Vase

Supplies Needed:


Directions for Making Mirror Ornaments & Door Hangers:

1)  Cut a 30″ piece of Ribbon (1/8″ Double Face Satin or 1/4″ Sheer Ribbon).  Make a loop by tying the ribbon at the top.  A 3 1/2″ long loop will work for an ornament or door hanger.  However, you can make this loop smaller if using as an ornament.

1/8" double face satin ribbon with loop at top

2)  Using a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot, attach a 1″ Round Craft Mirror to the inside of a Chrome Bottle Cap.  To do this simply stick the mirror to a Glue Dot on the roll and then place inside the bottle cap.  For those of you who have never used Glue Dots, they are amazing!  There is no drying time and they hold very well.  They are acid free, Made in the USA, and work for many, many crafts!

1" round mirror with glue dot

FYI:  The mirror ornament can be made without the Bottle Caps. However, they finish off the mirrors really nice with more dimension and sparkle!glue dot attached to mirror for bottle cap

 3)  Important:  Before attaching the 1st Bottle Cap Mirror to the ribbon, make sure the ribbon is lined up and looks like only 1 piece coming out of the loop. Once the ribbon is lined up, add a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot to the back of the bottle cap (with mirror already attached).  Place the bottle cap mirror facedown on work surface and lay the ribbon in the middle of the glue dot.  Attach a Glue Dot to another bottle cap mirror and place directly on top of the other.  Make sure they are lined up perfectly since this ornament/door hanger is double sided.  Press both bottle caps together to secure.

Bottle Cap mirrors attached to top of ribbon4)  Attach the 1 1/2 x 2″ Oval Mirrors about 2 1/2″ inches down from the Bottle Cap Mirrors with a Craft Glue Dot at the top and bottom of each mirror.  Place one Oval Mirror under the ribbon (face down) and one on top.  Make sure they are lined up, then press together to secure.

Oval mirrors with craft glue dots

Oval Craft Mirrors attached to ribbon

5)  Next, attach another set of Bottle Cap Mirrors about 2 1/2″ below the Oval Mirrors.  Remember to keep the ribbon lined up so it looks like 1 piece.  Secure Bottle Cap Mirrors with Glue Dots (just like in step 3).

Bottle Cap and oval mirrors attached to ribbon

6)  To add a little more sparkle, we attached 2 sets of 12mm Crystal Rhinestones in between the Bottle Caps and Oval Mirrors using Mini Glue Dots.  Multi colored Rhinestones would look great too!

12mm Crystal Rhinestones with Mini Glue Dots

7)  Optional:  Add Red Glitter ABC Stickers to the mirrors!  We spelled “JOY”, however, you could do your inititals, a friends inititals, or any other 3 letter word!

Joy Mirror Ornament on White Vase

Here is how it looks as a Door Hanger:

Joy mirror and bottle cap door hanger

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