Photo bookmark inside book

Photo Bookmarks

Use wallet size photos to make these adorable bookmarks!  All it takes is Dimensional Magic Mod Podge, 6mm Foam, Pony Beads, Jewelry Bails, Ribbon, and a little patience.  Family and pet photos work well.  Of course, it helps if you have an adorable Yellow Lab (thank you Daisy for the cute pose)!  There is some drying time involved with this craft, however, the finished bookmarks are worth it! 

Photo Bookmark inside book

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Photo Bookmarks:

1)  Cut 6mm Foam to desired size.  For our Photo Bookmarks we used a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2″ square.  Next, cut photo the same size as 6mm foam. Hint:  place foam over the top of the photo and cut the photo to match the foam. 

Cut photo to match size of foam

2)  Attach photo to 6mm foam square (or whatever shape you prefer) with a small amount of Dimensional Mod Podge.  Make sure to secure the outside of the photo to the foam.  Press photo onto foam.  IMPORTANT:  allow to dry for a few hours to secure before advancing to the next step.

attach photo to foam with mod podge

3)  Once photo is secured to foam, it is time to cover the entire photo with Dimensional Magic Mod Podge.  Start by slowly framing in the photo.  Make sure you do not shake the bottle as this will create tiny air bubbles which will be noticeable when the adhesive dries.  Take your time when applying the Dimensional Magic to the top of the photo!

Dimensional Mod Podge on photo edges

4)  Once the photo is framed on all sides, begin at the top and continue down in rows.  Once again, moving slowly to ensure you don’t get air bubbles.

top of photo covered with dimensional mod podge

5)  Here is what the photo will look like once it is completely covered.  Don’t worry!  It will dry completely clear!!!

photo covered with dimensional magic

sideview of photo with dimensional magic

6)  Allow photo’s to dry overnight.  Here is what you will wake up and see:

Photo with dry dimensional magic

7)  Flip over and attach a Jewelry Bail with E6000.  Use a very small amount of adhesive.

photo bookmark attach jewelry bail to back of foam

attach jewelry bail to back of foam with E6000

8)  Allow E6000 time to dry.  A few hours is plenty.  Once dry, string Jewelry Bail with Ribbon.  We used 1/8″ Black Double Face Satin Ribbon.  A 24″ piece of ribbon is perfect for smaller books and novels.  If you are making the bookmark for a specific book, measure the ribbon accordingly.

attach ribbon to jewelry bail

9)  With the ends of the ribbon matched up at the top, string a few Pony Beads onto the ribbon.  Then, tie the ribbon to secure the beads.

Add pony beads to photo bookmark

tie ribbon to secure pony beads

10)  Next, tie knots in the each piece of ribbon about 2″ from the each end.  Don’t tie them together, keep them separate.  Just tie each piece to hold pony beads at the top.  Once each piece of ribbon is tied, place 3 pony beads on the end of each strand and tie another knot to secure.Pony beads attached to ends of ribbon

11)  Now it’s time to read a great book and hold your place!  Sell, trade, or give as gifts!

Photo bookmark inside book

We can’t leave Buckeye out!  He is just as cute. 🙂

Buckeye the Black Lab Photo Bookmark


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