Hanging pumpkin garland

For Fall ~ Easy Pumpkin Garland

Frost on the Pumpkins this morning inspired our pumpkin garland post!  This simple FALL Pumpkin Garland is made with Natural Twine, Foam Pumpkin Shapes, Foam Letters, Mini Black Clothespins, and a few fall colored Sharpies!  Cut twine to desired length, decorate pumpkins with markers, add letters, and attach to twine with mini clothespins!  Great for a classroom or as a fireplace decoration this Fall.  No drying time or cutting required (other than the twine).  Light weight and easy to hang too.

Hanging pumpkin garland

   Supplies Needed for Pumpkin Garland:

supplies needed for pumpkin garland


 Directions for Making Pumpkin Garland:

1)  Start by decorating, outlining, and adding some fun designs to the Foam Pumpkin and Letter Shapes with fall colored Sharpie Markers.  Attach foam letters to Pumpkin Shapes with 1″ Glue Lines.  These bond instantly and there is no drying time needed.  It will only take 1 glue line per letter.

pumpkin and letter shapes decorated with sharpie markers

2)  Cut Natural Twine to the desired length and then simply attach the finished Pumpkins with a Mini Black Clothespin.

attach pumpkin shapes to twine with mini black clothespins

3)  We spaced our Pumpkins about 6″ apart.  That’s it!  Great decoration for Classroom Bulletin Boards, White Boards, or Desks.  Also, perfect for home fireplace mantels, around pictures, or door frames.

pumpkins attached to twine

4)  This is totally optional, however, you can add a few embellishments to the finished pumpkin garland.  Making Memories offers a pack of embellishments that is perfect!  It includes a few fall colored plastic flowers and domed gem stickers.  They look great added to the pumpkins.  The pack sells for only $4 and includes 18 pieces total.

pumpkin garland with added embellishments

 If making in classroom, have each student work together in groups to create their own garland.  Then hang on a bulletin board or around the White Board in the front of the classroom.  Each student could use to decorate their desk too.  Another idea:  Add Foam Leaves or Acorn Shapes to the garland before and after each F,A,L,L then repeat the pattern.  It’s so light weight you can hang with suction cups or tape!

pumpkin garland finished

 Comment below with your ideas and show us how you use this great Pumpkin Garland!  Post pics on our facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/craftsuppliesforless

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