red visor for elmo party

Red Visor for Elmo Party

These Red Visors will be a hit at your next Elmo Party!  No scissors required.  Just peel & stick White Foam Circles & attach the Orange Oval Nose with a Glue Dot.  No drying time required!  Foamies Visors are ready to wear & one size fits all!

Red Visor for Elmo Party


 Supplies Needed:


Directions for Making Red Visor:

1)    Peel & stick 2) White Circle Stickers and attach to the center of the Red Visor about 1/2″ above the top.   The “eyes” should be 1/2″ above the top of the visor (see photo below).  This will allow room for the orange nose! Peel and stick White Circle Sticker Eyes

White circle stickers attached to red visor for eyes

2)  Flip visor over and attach 2) White Circle Stickers to the back of the visor directly over the white circle stickers placed on the front of the visor.  This will secure the “eyes” over the top of the visor.

white circle stickers attached to the back of visor for the eyes

3)  Add a Craft Glue Dot or Glue Line about 1/2″ from the top and bottom of the Orange Oval SHAPE.  Attach the orange nose to the center of the Red Visor (as shown below) on top of the white circles.

orange oval nose with glue dots attached

orange oval nose attached to top of visor over white eyes

4)  Peel and stick the Black Circle Stickers to the center of the white circles close to the orange nose.peel and stick black circles  black circle stickers attached to center of white circles for eyes

4)  That’s it!  No scissors required!  No drying time!  Enjoy!!!

More Ideas:

  • Visors make a great party favor!
  • Remember to write the child’s name and the date of the birthday party inside the visor!  Use any permanent marker.
  • Foam Eyes & Oval Noses can be used for making Party Invitations!
  • Use a Foam Fishbowl and Goldfish Shape for the inside of the invitation.

party invitation for elmo party

Inside of party invitation for elmo party with goldfish

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  1. Cynthia Garcia
    Cynthia Garcia says:

    How can I cut foam into shapes.. Bought a fiskar express cutter and does not cut clean.. Any suggestions will help.

    Thank you

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