Shamrock Bookmarks...a great classroom craft. Perfect for libraries too!

Shamrock Bookmarks

Make these adorable Shamrock Bookmarks for St Patrick’s Day!!!  Shamrocks are made with “fingerprints” and finished with a few simple embellishments.  Great Kids Craft Activity for Libraries and Schools!  Both kids and adults will enjoy creating these Shamrocks.  Not to mention the wiggle eyes are sure to bring a smile:)  These Shamrock Bookmarks are a creative “make and take” craft for kids that can be made with just a few inexpensive supplies.  Best of all they will want to keep them.  Every time they save their place in a book, they will remember how much fun they had making these Shamrock Bookmarks!

Shamrock Bookmarks are the perfect St Patrick's Day craft for the classroom or library activity!

Above are 3 different ways to make these Shamrock Bookmarks using basically the same supplies.  The white blank inserts are sold pre-cut and are ready to decorate.  They fit perfectly into our Clear Vinyl Sleeves for a long lasting bookmarker that kids will be sure to keep!  White inserts sell for only .10 cents each, sleeves start at .19 cents each these are a great affordable craft for groups, classrooms, and library activities.

Vinyl bookmark sleeves and inserts for Shamrock Bookmarks!

  Other than the sleeves and inserts, this craft requires a green stamp pad (like the ones used for rubber stamping), a few 5mm Wiggle Eyes, Mini Glue Dots (to attach the wiggle eyes), Markers to personalize each bookmark, and either Ribbon or a Bookmark Tassel to finish off the top!

Let’s get started:

Start by pressing index finger onto an dark green inkpad and then press finger onto the white insert (like shown below).  The 1st fingerprint should be slightly downward facing.  Press the 2nd fingerprint closely to the 1st.  Make sure to re-ink fingertip for each fingerprint.

How to make shamrock shapes with fingerprints

 Add another 4 fingerprints to make the shamrock shape.  There should be 2 to the left, 2 in the middle, and 2 fingerprints to the right.  Make 3 or more of these shamrock shapes per bookmark insert.  Tip:  Have a wet paper towel handy for quick clean-up of fingertips!

Fingerprint Shamrock BookmarksNext, draw the stem on each Fingerprint Shamrock with a dark green Sharpie or marker.  Make sure to angle each stem (shown below).

Add stems to fingerprint shamrocks with a marker. Time to personalize and embellish each Shamrock Bookmark!  Add 5mm Wiggle Eyes to a roll of Mini Glue Dots, then simply attach the wiggle eyes to the shamrock shapes.  Optional:  Draw smiley faces under the wiggle eyes:)

Add wiggle eyes to fingerprint shamrocks!

Add a few sparkling emerald stick on jewels to the bookmark insert.  Simply peel and stick the paper backing and press onto the insert.

Shamrock Bookmarks...add emerald stick on jewels!

With Sharpies or markers draw lines around the insert, add polka dots, write child’s name and the year the bookmark was made, write “luck”, &/or write Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Then slip the inserts into a clear vinyl bookmark sleeve to protect all that creative work.  The jewels and wiggle eyes fit into the sleeve without any problems if you are careful to slide the inserts slowly.  Once the 1st set of wiggle eyes is in the sleeve, it is really easy to slip the rest of the bookmark insert into the sleeve.

Shamrock Bookmarks made with fingerprints & wiggle eyes!

There are several ways to finish the top of the bookmark.  You can hole punch the top of the insert and add ribbon or a bookmark tassel.  We used a standard 1/4″ hole punch and it worked perfectly for 3/8″ Saddle Stitch Ribbon, a floss or chainette bookmark tassel.  Another way to attach the tassel to the top of the clear vinyl sleeve is through the pre-punched hole at the top of the triangle.  All of these ways are shown below:

Shamrock Bookmarks...add tassels or ribbon to the top of bookmarkers.

These Shamrock Bookmarks are a great St Patrick’s Day Craft for classrooms, groups, and library activities.  The perfect “Make & Take” craft that kids will want to keep!

Shopping List:

  • Medium White Inserts
  • Medium Vinyl Sleeves
  • Bookmark Tassels or Ribbon
  • 5mm Wiggle Eyes
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Emerald Stick on Jewels
  • Green Inkpad
  • Sharpies or other Markers

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We would love to see your Shamrock Bookmarks.  Share your creations with us on our facebook page!


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