Easy Shamrock Hair Clips

Easy Shamrock Hair Clips

Valentine’s Day has come and gone which can only mean one thing… it’s time for St. Patrick’s Day Crafts!  How about starting with some easy Shamrock Hair Clips?  We even found a way to incorporate our love of polka dots (the secret is below) on these adorable shamrocks.  These Shamrock Hair Clips are super simple to make.  Girls of all ages will love wearing them on St. Patrick’s Day.  Not to mention they are a great way to wear “green” and not get pinched…  To dress our custom foam Shamrock Shapes up a bit, we started by outlining each shape with a Black Sharpie Marker.  Next, we added white polka dots with Nail Polish (there is the polka dot secret), a white button in the middle, and attached Black Saddle Stitch Ribbon.  There you have it!  A simple festive way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Easy Shamrock Hair Clips

 Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Shamrock Hair Clips:

1)  Start by outlining each Shamrock Foam Shape with a Black Sharpie Marker.  We did a simple dash around the edge leaving a space for “nail polish dots” in between the black lines.

outline foam shapes with a sharpie marker

2) Next, add white polka dots with Nail Polish in between the black lines.  Let polish dry.  We found that the nail polish dried in about 10-15 minutes.

add polka dots to foam shape with nail polish

 3)  While the polish is drying, begin making the ribbon bow with 1″ wide Black Saddle Stitch Ribbon.  You will need 24″ of ribbon per hair clip.  Using a low temp glue gun make 2″ loops (by folding the ribbon up and over the top).  To finish the ribbon bow, cut the end of the ribbon at a diagonal or cut out like shown below.

loop saddle stitch ribbon for hair clip secure ribbon with low temp glue gun easy to make ribbon for hair clips

 4)  Now that the ribbon is ready, we can finish the Shamrock Shape by adding a Large White Button to the center.  Check to make sure the nail polish is dry before handling the Shamrock Shape(s).   Once the polish is dry, add a Large White Button to the center of the shape.  You can do this 1 of 2 ways…  #1) use a Glue Dot or Low Temp Glue Gun to add button or #2) sew the button onto the foam shape with White Embroidery Floss (for a more finished look) and tie ends on the back of the foam to secure.

sew button onto craft foam with embroidery flossshamrock shape with a white button5)  Once the button is added, the Shamrock is ready to be attached to the Black Saddle Stitch Ribbon Bow.  A low temp glue gun works great for this and will hold the foam to the ribbon securely.   Once you have the ribbon attached, add a 2″ French Barrette to the back of the ribbon.  We highly recommend using E6000 for this step.  It takes longer to dry but will securely hold the barrette to the ribbon for a long-lasting hair clip.

use e6000 to attach barrette to ribbon bow

6)  Allow E6000 to dry completely before wearing.  Then it’s time to enjoy the fun Shamrock Hair Clip that you have created!

Easy Shamrock Hair Clips

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