snowflake frame for frozen party

More Snowflakes Crafts for a Frozen Party

We know it’s almost summer, however, we are still making Snowflakes!  These have to be for all the Snowflake Crafts being made at Frozen Birthday Parties across the nation.  Our last post featured a Snowflake Door Hanger with Buttons and inspired these adorable Snowflake Picture Frames and Door Hangers!  They are made from only a few inexpensive craft supplies and require NO drying time.  Translation… No mess!  Just wrap pre-cut Snowflakes Shapes with Baker’s Cotton Thread and attach to foam picture frames or door hangers with Glue Dots!  Add a picture from the party and you have a few great party favors that kids of all ages will enjoy and want to keep!

snowflake craft ideas

To get started cut about 30″ of Purple Baker’s Cotton and wrap it around the Large Snowflake Shape.  Leave at least 8″ on the left side hanging (this will be where you attach the small snowflake).  Go across the top of the large snowflake with the baker’s cotton and then move over to the right and come back across the snowflake.

wrap large snowflake shape with bakers cotton

large white snowflake and bakers cotton

To finish wrapping, go across the last openings on the snowflake.  snowflake shapes wrapped with bakers cotton

Once finished with the first “wrap”, go around one more time!

foam snowflakes wrapped in bakers cotton

You will need about 6″ and 8″ of thread to attach the small hanging snowflakes.  If the thread is too long, give it a quick trim.

hang snowflake shapes with bakers cotton

Now it’s time to attach the small snowflakes!  Wrap thread around small snowflakes the exact same way as above except… only wrap once, tie off the ends on the back of the small snowflake, and trim any excess thread.  Below is a picture of the front and back of the finished small snowflakes all attached to the large snowflake shape!

front of back of snowflake shape

Here is what the large and small snowflakes should look like all wrapped and hanging from the Baker’s Cotton Thread.

snowflakes attached with bakers cotton threadNow it is time to attach all the snowflakes to the door hanger and or picture frame.  Using a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot, attach the large snowflake first.

attach snowflakes with glue dots

Attach the large snowflake to the top right side of the foam door hanger.  Then secure the small snowflakes with Glue Dots.  The 1/2″ craft Glue Dots will work for all 3 snowflakes, however, if you have Mini Glue Dots they will secure the small snowflakes without showing through.  If you don’t, just use the 1/2″ size.

snowflake door hanger for frozen party

For the Snowflake Picture Frame, attach the large snowflake in the upper left corner and the small snowflakes on each side (shown below).

snowflake picture frame for frozen party

Snap a photo of party guests and attach them to the back of the frame with Glue Dots.  You can add an Adhesive Craft Magnet for a cute refrigerator magnet.  Or add Jewelry Bails to the top of the frame and hang with ribbon.  Foam Picture Frames can be personalized with any permanent marker.  Write the year or child’s name across the bottom of the frame for a great party memory!

snowflake frame for frozen party

These Snowflakes Frames and Door Hangers are the perfect party craft and double as a party favor as well!

There are just a few Supplies Needed for these Snowflake Crafts.  Shopping links are included above with the instructions when the items are used 🙂

  • Foam Door Hangers
  • Foam Picture Frames
  • Large White Snowflakes
  • Small Snowflake Shapes
  • Glue Dots
  • Purple Baker’s Cotton Thread
  • Optional:  Adhesive Craft Magnets, Jewelry Bails, Permanent Markers

Also, be sure to check out a few other Snowflake Ideas we posted in the past…

We would love to hear from you!  Please share your comments below.


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