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Snowflake Craft for a Frozen Party

A Snowflake Craft in May?  We have to admit it does seem a little funny to be creating Snowflake Crafts just as we are turning off the furnace and opening our windows for the first time since last summer.  It has finally started to warm up here and now we can’t wait for summer!  So why are we still making Snowflake Shapes and shipping them all over he nation?  All we can think of is these snowflakes must be for Frozen party crafts.  Therefore, we created a Frozen birthday party idea of our own.  These snowflake door hangers are a great “make and take craft” that’s inexpensive and easy to make.  Best of all there’s no drying time required.  Just assemble and send home with party guests.  Try these Snowflake Door Hangers as a craft and party favor at your next Frozen Party!

snowflake ideas for frozen party

Since the Snowflakes are pre-cut and ready, let’s begin by adding a Glue Dot to the center of the Large Snowflake Shape and attaching it to the bottom left corner of the door hanger (with a small part of the snowflake actually off the door hanger).  Below we used Craft Glue Dots on a Roller.  However, 1/2″ Glue Dots on a roll will work too.

attach snowflakes with glue dots

Cut a small piece of Purple/White Baker’s Cotton and thread it through the back of a button.  Tie the baker’s cotton in a knot on the back of the button to secure.  Then trim any excess so it won’t show when attached to the snowflake.

add bakers cotton to buttons

tie bakers cotton to buttons

Add another Glue Dot to the back of the button and attach to the center of the Large White Snowflake Shape.

attach large snowflakes to door hanger

Add another Large Snowflake to the top right side of the door hanger by repeating the steps above.  Snowflakes look great if they are just over the side of the door hanger.

add large snowflakes to door hangers

Cut about 36″ of Baker’s Cotton and begin to wrap around the center of the door hanger (in between the 2 large snowflakes).  Leave about 4″ of twine on the front of the door hanger as you begin wrapping so there will be enough bakers cotton to add pony beads to the ends.

wrap bakers cotton around door hanger

Tie Baker’s Cotton on the front of the door hanger off to the right side.  Then thread Purple Pony Beads on each end and double tie large knots to hold the pony beads in place.

add pony beads to bakers cotton

Attach a Small Snowflake Shape (with a small button in the center) to the very top left side of the door hanger with a Glue Dot .

add small snowflake to top of door hanger

Wrap the top of the door hanger with small pieces of Baker’s Cotton.  We did 5 wraps around the top in the center and 3 wraps on each side.  Tie in the back and trim.

tie bakers cotton on the back of door hanger

That’s it!  Our Snowflake Door Hanger is ready to hang.  Must be time for a Frozen Party!!!

snowflake door hangers

The same snowflakes above can be used to decorate Foam Visors or Picture Frames. Simply add buttons to the center of white snowflakes and attach to visors or frames instead of door hangers.  Snowflakes are available small and large sizes and are Made right here in the USA!  Door hangers are available in assorted color packs and by color.

Shop for all the supplies you need at:

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